5 Minimalistic Home Design Tips

When it comes to modern art and design, minimalism is at the forefront and this is particularly the case with interior design. Perhaps it’s the chaos and clutter of modern life, which has in turn made us seek an emptier home environment to drag us away from the noise. Perhaps it’s just a trend, a backlash to the excess of Victorian and early 20th Century ornament collecting. Either way, minimalism is the fashion of our time, and here are a few tips on executing it to perfection.

Remove Clutter

The hardest part of turning your home into a minimalistic work of art is the starting point. In the beginning you will be required to get rid of any clutter and unused household items stored throughout your home. In fact, you will even need to get rid of most of the used items, leaving practically nothing in sight in your home.

The secret is concealing as much as you can. Arrange items you do not wish to get rid of but are still clutter, behind cabinets, or in baskets and boxes.

Design a Room Focal Point

The trick to turning a room into an expression of minimalism is to include a focal point within the room. An example of a focal point can be a centrally placed piece of furniture in the living room, or a bath placed in the middle of the bathroom, which lights – natural and unnatural – seem to point towards.

Alternatively, your focal point may be a painting or some other work of art, through which your room would receive its character and essence.

Treat Each Room as a Grid

As if you have grids in each room of your home, you should place fixtures, fittings and furniture in vertical and horizontal correlation to the layout of the room.

Minimalist Colour Schemes

Minimalism isn’t a purely physical expression. It must be reminded that other factors such as colour and light also play a huge part in addition to physical elements such as furniture and objects.

Keeping in touch with minimalism, ensure that your home has a single colour theme. Several different colours can bring about a chaotic and busy feel to your home, far from the minimalistic harmony you’ll be looking to implement.

Choosing the right colour to go for can often be a tad difficult. White is a common choice but one that never fails in producing a perfect minimalistic effect.

Another option is to buy bunches of flowers and see which flower colours work best in your home. This is an easy way of testing what colours suit the layout, character and design of your home.


The use of light in minimalistic homes is crucial. Firstly, on the matter of natural light, it is important to have as much as possible seeping throughout your home. Furthermore, your room focal point should also be the focal point of any natural light coming into your home. This will emphasize the focal point’s presence, giving it a powerful effect.

You should also emphasize the focal point’s presence with artificial light. There are a variety of different lights, which will bring forth different effects. It will all depend on the type of minimalistic home you’re trying to produce. Places like Lamp Commerce will do an excellent job in discerning which type of lighting you’ll need and help provide you with the goods.

You must be patient enough to understand that everything you try to implement in your home in order to fulfill your minimalistic vision can easily go wrong. It may therefore take a good bit of artistic trial and error, before you finally arrive at your minimalistic masterpiece.

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