Mother and Daughter Charm Bracelet

Few Sundays ago, I chanced upon these charm bracelets that are super cute, colourful and cheap at the church bazaar. I bought a pair for me and K. Initially, I took ownership of the one with the Eiffel Tower charm because I am a wanderlust.

K protested and said it was actually meant for her because she loves Paris so much and dreams to visit the Eiffel Tower someday. We then exchanged so I now own the one with the nature charms. I did not protest as I am also a nature lover anyway.

My girl baptised our charm bracelets as love bracelets. It costs us only $2 each. The cheapskate in me dances whenever I find pretty and cheap jewellery.

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  1. Love the one with the Eiffel tower too!!! And I likewise enjoy cheap steals! :) and wishing for pandora charms :)