MSG-Free Food at Rochor Thai Restaurant


1) Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad)

2) Tom Yum Talay (hot and spicy seafood with Thai herbs)

3) Po Taek (clear spicy sour soup with holy basil and kaffir lime leaves)


1) Pla Nin Pao (salted baked whole tilapia served with spicy coriander)

2) Kor Moo Yang (seared pork collar served with aromatic dried chilli)

3) Gaeng Kaew Wan Gai (Chef's special green curry with chicken thigh and Thai eggplant)

4) Gaeng Phet Pla Krapong Daeng (dry red curry with red snapper fillets)

5) Pad Kee Mao Goong (stir-fried Thai drunken style prawns)

6) Hoay Lai Pad Prik Pao (clams flambe in chilli jam and Chef's stock)

7) Pad Thai Talay


1) Tab Tim Grob (Red Thai Ruby)

2) Khao Niew Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice)

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  1. Hmmmmm yum yum yum....I miss eating mangoes with sticky rice :) no baked thing can beat that :)