New Singapore Dollar Coins

Yay! I finally completed the set of the new Singapore dollar coins. You should know by now that I am into currency notes and coins collection. And I have a good news! Remember the Swiss Franc coins I told you about last time? I actually have them! I found it mixed in a bunch of Hong Kong dollar, Malaysian ringgit and Indonesian rupiah coins in one container where I kept all my coin collectibles.

Being a coin collector has led me to discover What do you think about having your own personalized coin? Way too cool right? I would love to have a Sweet Memoirs coin collectible with my logo and slogan on it. I can use it as a token for amazing advertisers, PR peeps and fellow bloggers I meet in my blogging journey. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. i think giving me one SM coin is a great idea....insert emoticon sticking out toungue with halo and one horn :)