Our Mini Altar

We are Roman Catholics and having an altar at home is a must. Before we let Father Joseph bless our house during the Easter Sunday, I asked the hubby to install a mini altar. We bought the Enudden wall shelf at Ikea and screwed it on the wall upside down to hold my collection of Christian figurines. Each figurine holds a meaningful story.

A praying baby boy figurine with rosary on his hands on the lower left is a remembrance from my boy's Christening. The praying little girl beside it is a remembrance from my girl's First Holy Communion. The Mama Mary figurine that glows in the dark is a gift from my mother-in-law. The angel figurine with a cross snow globe on the lower right is a remembrance from my girl's Christening.

On top of those figurines is the wooden cross we bought at Mount Zion Christian Books and Gifts Centre at Century Square. Below it is a battery operated candle my husband received as a gift from Holy Trinity Church for volunteering as an official photographer at my girl's First Holy Communion. It is a lot safer than using a real candle with flame.

Nowadays, luminara flameless candles with timer are a great option for altars. We don't have to compromise our safety by using candles that may cause fire. Whether we light a real candle or a battery operated candle when we pray, God doesn't really care. What matters to Him is we pray from the bottom of our hearts and make Him the centre of our home and our lives.

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  1. I agree Che, our relationship with God is not altered by the kind of candle we use