Family Vacations

Looking back at my family's short vacations overseas during the past few years makes me happy and grateful for the opportunity to travel for leisure, rest and relaxation. I am a little sad that we will not be going anywhere this year because we topped up our travel savings to our family funds to buy a house. There is a long weekend coming and I was so tempted to book the entire family a quick getaway but the hubby keeps on reminding me that this year, we have to put on hold all our travel plans because our savings were almost back to zero. To chase my blues away, I went through our travel photo archives and found out that we actually travelled twice in 2010 and 2012. I think that will make up for 2011 (*We did not travel anywhere in 2011 as I was pregnant with baby G) and this year. I am unhappy no more! :D

March of 2010, we had our first overseas beach vacation in Penang Island, Malaysia during my girl's week-long school holidays. We had a wonderful time exploring the Butterfly Farm, Temple of Supreme Bliss (Kek Lok Si Temple) and Tanjung Bungah beach.

August 2010, we had a weekend getaway at Bintan Island, Indonesia. I booked a 2D1N stay at Bintan Lagoon to celebrate my girl's 9th bithday and hubby's 36th. It was a short but sweet vacation that we tremendously enjoyed and will never forget.

4th of February 2012, we made our way to Batam Island to celebrate my mom's 67th birthday. We booked a spa bliss package as a way of thanking my mom for helping us take good care of our children and treated ourselves to the most relaxing traditional Indonesian massage.

August 2012, we were finally able to visit HongKong Disneyland right in time to celebrate my girl's 10th birthday and hubby's 38th. It is another short but sweet vacation that is utterly exhilarating and blissful. We wish to come back when baby G is big enough to join us in all the fun rides. And since it is free to dream, perhaps we will try Tokyo Disneyland, Japan or Walt Disney World, Orlando next time. :D

Happiness is contagious. Let us spread happiness around the world wide web and make it viral. 

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  1. I am sure you could make up for 2011 and 2013 Che, congratulations to you and Mond again for the new house, it will be sweeter next time you travel because you are going home to your home sweet home, the fruit of your love and many sacrifices.