Reminiscing My Clinical Consultant Days

Once upon a time, I worked as Clinical Consultant in a Swiss Dental Company. I have to say it is one of the best days in my life as I got to travel both for work and leisure. I also have the best ex-colleagues like Wanpen (in the above photo with me) who imparted me great knowledge on how to convince dentists to switch to our brand. 

As a Clinical Consultant, I closely worked with the marketing department to introduced dental products to dentists. I didn't do direct sales hence it made my job a lot easier. All I needed to do was conduct presentations regarding the dental products we carry. I also distribute dental products catalog my company printed from wholesale catalog printing when I visit dental clinics. 

Back then, I worked freely according to my schedule but I had to juggle between the office and all the dental clinics in Singapore everyday. I have to say jobs of different nature have its own pros and cons. The secret to a successful career is to do what you love or at least love what you do.

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  1. ...loving is something you have mastered...and I am sure wherever you work you are loved because of your yah....