Run Towards a Healthier Life

There are a lot of devices and supplements that are marketed towards those trying to lose weight, and not all are created equally. Machines like ellipticals and treadmills are certainly great for providing a rigorous cardiovascular workout, but they're also very expensive and hardly necessary. 

Gym memberships can also be rather pricey, and the cost of the commute and the time it takes to travel aback and forth from the facility may be more trouble than it's worth. Ultimately, you can get an excellent workout without any tools at all. All you have to do is walk or run, and you'll be working your muscles, lungs and heart in the way nature intended.

If you're new to running, it's best to start slow with an interval training program so that you don't burn out or injure yourself. Running injuries are all too common and they're often the result of attempting too much too quickly. Improperly fitting shoes can also cause problems. If anything, you should invest in good running shoes that will give you the support and cushion you need as you pound the pavement.

Another good investment would be a heart rate monitor. This device will give you an accurate reading of your heart rate and calories burned in real time, and now you don't even have to fuss with chest straps anymore. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor is an excellent choice because it's just as accurate as similar devices that employ the chest strap, but with more convenience.

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  1. I so agree. And may I add... running helps me think... think of new topics to blog about. wink*