Singapore: Our Home Away from Home

Dear Singapore,

We are very grateful for your love and abundant blessings. You taught us to appreciate every single thing your clean, green, peaceful and bountiful land has to offer. You made us live comfortably in a foreign land which we now proudly call our HOME.

Please forgive us if it ever crossed our minds to leave you one day. Truth be told, we have stopped dreaming of relocating to Australia or Canada ever since we decided  to purchase our own HDB flat. We finally decided to settle here for good and we are so sure we will never regret it.

May our home country forgive us but we find you worth keeping. In you, we breath in clean air (oh well, except when there's a haze). In you, we feel very safe. In you, we experience a high quality of living. It doesn't matter to us any more if that comes with a price.

What matters to us is the future of our children. We may not afford to send them to international schools but the local schools are good enough in giving them high quality education. We are confident that you are more than capable in giving our children a bright future.

What makes us really impressed is the way you show us where our taxes go. You constantly upgrade almost everything and we appreciate your intention of providing us the best facilities. We are now enjoying the new parks/ playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and badminton courts you have lovingly built in our neighbourhood. We also loved the new cycling tracks, covered walkways, and re-cemented void decks.

You offer us endless possibilities and pamper us with nothing but the best of the best amenities. You build concrete buildings whilst not forgetting to preserve the trees. You are without a doubt not a concrete jungle but a city in a garden . You are getting more and more awesome each passing day. In fact, you are par excellence. What more can we ask for?

We love you and treasure you always,
Your adopted children

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