Some of the Most Interesting Retreats in Europe

While it can be fun to backpack around the world and fly back and forth between amazing countries, it can also be just as rewarding and inspiring to visit one destination and relax. You could even spend your time finding your spirituality or simply relaxing while partaking in daily activities such as yoga or meditation which is common in healing retreats which are spread across a lot of Europe due to its naturally peaceful landscape. Where better to relax than the beautiful and picturesque European countryside such as Switzerland, Scotland or Italy? This just so happens to be where some of the best and most interesting retreats are in Europe and can help you get there.

Simple Peace, Assisi, Italy

This spiritual location is found in one of the most ancient cities in Italy. This particular retreat called Simple Peace focuses on spiritual healing and inner peace which is done by practicing ‘sacred movement’ activities such as Tai Chi and others. These rituals are often performed in the picturesque grounds at Simple Peace which are normally scattered with autumn coloured leaves that have fallen from the twiggy trees above. This family owned and run retreat combines western and eastern notions of spirituality to create a truly unique experience.

Holy Isle, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Holy Isle is a private island with expansive green land and surrounded by the cool blue ocean of Scotland. This retreat focuses on meditation and combines notions of Kagyu meditation with Tibetan Buddhism. The island itself even houses long-term residents that practice Buddhism which includes living in silence. You can hire one of the 65 beds that are available at the island which have shared baths. You will also be able to enjoy the island’s natural inhabitants which are mainly of the animal variety including ponies and goats.

Place of Power, Switzerland

Place of Power is located on an extremely scenic cliff which has an outlook of the sea. This retreat is focused at relaxation and increasing a feeling of ease in everyday life. This location will allow you to simply forget the burden of everyday life and is a great option for those with a hectic lifestyle that need a break. They provide organic vegetarian cuisine with local products. They also have an exercise program to work your mind and body, resulting in a feeling of harmony and confidence in your own being.

Hof Weissbadstrasse, Switzerland

One of the most interesting things about Hof Weissbadstrasse is the intriguing architecture which the building is made out of. It’s a boutique retreat which focuses on a customized approach to improving your body through natural therapies which are specifically designed to improve cell performance. They have many stages of recovery or relaxation that are sure to soothe you.

While it can be great to have an exciting holiday, it can be equally enjoyable and rewarding to visit a retreat such as these ones located in Europe. There are many retreats all over the world spanning from religious to modern spiritual retreats.

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