The Benefits of High Efficiency Boilers

In these modern times that are partially defined by rising energy costs, the importance of utilising a high efficiency boiler cannot be overstated. Indeed, those who own a home or rent from a private landlord can save a great deal of money by opting to switch to one of these amazing, modern devices. However, it is first important to understand exactly how an energy-saving boiler can save money to fully appreciate the numerous advantages that one will offer.

Modern, Green Technology

The primary advantage of energy efficient boilers arises from the computerised technology which they employ. Many homeowners may be accustomed to boilers that contain a pilot light. These tiny flames must be constantly kept burning in order to ensure that hot water is available when necessary. Newer models possess electronic ignition systems. This allows for the boiler to be ignited only when it is necessary. The obvious windfall here is that less energy will be consumed.

Another aspect of this technology is the fact that cold water will be preheated using what would have been considered "waste gases" in older models. Not only does this allow for hot water to be available faster, but less heating has to take place for the water to arrive at an optimal temperature. If we combine this with a more robust insulation system, highly durable parts and warranties that will be valid for twenty years or more, it becomes clear to appreciate the advantage of owning a modern boiler.

How Much Money Will I Save?

This is often the "bottom line" when deciding on a newer boiler or central heating system. Many homeowners or renters will be surprised to learn that it is not uncommon for these devices to save as much as twenty-five percent on heating costs. This arises from an increased energy rating. Older models had ratings between sixty-five to seventy percent (essentially, thirty percent of the energy would be lost in the heating process). Modern boilers frequently boast ratings of up to ninety-five percent. Simply stated, the higher the efficiency rating, the less the homeowner will pay on a monthly basis.

A Brief Review

As appreciating all of the benefits that an energy efficient heating system provides can be a bit confusing, it proves wise to summarise the most important advantages of obtaining a newer model. Some of the mot important considerations are:

  • An electronic ignition system saves energy.

  • Cold water is circulated through the system; allowing a reserve of warm water when necessary.

  • More insulation equates to less heat loss.

  • Mechanical parts are more durable.

  • Lengthy warranties guarantee no additional maintenance or repair costs.

  • Higher energy ratings.

  • These are but a few of the primary reasons why so many individuals are choosing to purchase energy efficient boilers.

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