The Dream Wedding

Hubby and I married in a civil wedding ceremony held at The Philippine Embassy. During that time, we didn't know we have the option of having it in Registry of Marriages (ROM) at Fort Canning Park. Or perhaps, there are no other option for Filipinos back then. That, I am not very sure but I heard nowadays that Filipino couples can get married at ROM. 

I have to say the "romantic" factor of our civil wedding ceremony was compromised because of the location but it was still very memorable nonetheless. 

I still vividly remember how I was literally floating on cloud nine. Our godfather, Dr Peter had to point to me that I was trying to insert the hubby's wedding ring on the wrong finger while saying my vows. So embarrassing, haha! I just couldn't believe we finally tied the knot after going through trials after trials. Needless to say we passed all the pre-marriage a.k.a test of the times but it still felt so surreal on our actual wedding day. 

If we are given the chance to renew our vows 4 years from now (on our 10th wedding anniversary), we will definitely try to do everything well-planned. We would love to be surrounded by our families and closest friends and have our children be a part of the ceremony. The hubby was already eyeing a matching set of swirl diamond wedding ring at to upgrade our plain gold wedding bands. How cool is that?

Our wedding has got to be simple but full of love and romance. I can picture myself walking down the church isle while holding on to my most prize possession, a champagne rose bouquet and being escorted by my handsome young man (my son) and a dazzling young woman (my daughter) is right behind us, making sure that the most beautiful bride in the universe is being taken care of. And the rest, I leave to your wild imagination... 

If and when the church wedding will not materialize, I will go for a beach or garden wedding. Every woman has her own dream wedding. What's yours? 


  1. I so love that picture of yours and Mond Che, such a picture of happiness in romance :) oh, and love love your imagination of a 10th anniversary wedding, I could pretty well imagine G bringing you to MOnd, oh, so sweet!

    haha, don't ask me about my dream wedding, mine was wild! Haha, I always dreamed of a very quiet wedding, just me and hubby and witness ( family member), so that I and hubby would have all the time of our lives enjoying each other after the wedding! I got that wish, but to the disappointment of my very close friends ( or best friends), since they had been nagging me to come to our wedding, to be additional witness, but I had been pleading them not to come and let me enjoy my day! I guess, I was one of the weirdest women on Earth who wanted no party at all for my wedding, since my dreams were all centered between me and the groom, haha! but thankfully, after we got married, friends finally understood my wishes.

  2. awww this is so sweet. love the photo.

    my wedding err... i should say "our" wedding was ok. it wasn't the wedding i was dreaming of when i was younger or in fantasy land but it turned out perfect. mikey told the lady at the town hall when we were getting our marriage license that he wanted to marry me in the lighthouse because his words - she loves lighthouses. i didn't realized i love lighthouses until i got married there. the guy is a psychic. it was a family affair only family and my only filipina friend which mikey found before i came here. hahaha. silly guy huh.