Unforgettable Moments

I decided to create a documentary of the gazillion things that makes me happy and grateful so that when I am feeling depressed, unhappy or uninspired, all it takes is one click to bring myself into a happy place. It is my way of reminding myself how blessed my life is when I tend to forget that fact and begin to think that life sucks.

Looking back at my family's unforgettable moments makes me really happy and grateful. Come join me as I reminisce the best times we have had so far.

15th of August 2008, we celebrated my girl's 6th birthday and my hubby's 34th. The occasion was made even more memorable, meaningful and special because my family's permanent resident  status was finally approved during that time. Up to this day, we are grateful to God for granting us the opportunity to live a comfortable life in Singapore.

28th of November 2008, we attended our girl's kindergarten graduation concert. We were happy that she enjoyed her brief time at Carpe Diem before settling into the local neighbourhood school. We were also grateful that we got our PR status right in time for Primary 1 registration. God truly answers prayers in His own perfect time.

Mother's Day 2008, I was really happy and grateful as a mom because I was finally reunited with my girl permanently after being separated from her for so long while working overseas. When hubby and I were still holding Employment Pass, we only get to spend time with her during her short vacations in Singapore.

9th of August 2009, we were one of the spectators at National Day Parade which was held at the floating platform in Marina Bay. The hubby won 4 NDP tickets via balloting system, in time for our first anniversary as Singapore permanent residents. We are very blessed to be living in this small but peaceful, progressive, clean and green first world country.

15th of August 2009, we celebrated my girl's 7th birthday and hubby's 35th. My girl had so much fun with her classmates and she was very grateful to us for throwing her a fun-filled birthday party at McDonalds. We had an intimate celebration for my hubby at our new rented flat after the party.

Father's Day 2009 at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. I am forever grateful to God for giving my daughter not just a father figure but a very hands-on and caring dad.

29th of October 2009, we celebrated my 31st birthday. A friend commented my happiness radiates from within. It naturally shows when a person is happy and blessed.

St Valentine's Day 2010, we had a quick family photo opp before we headed to Universal Studios Singapore to spend heart's day with our one and only love, our precious daughter. V Day is not just about candle lit dinners at a fancy restaurant with your partner, it is also a day to celebrate love with all your love ones.

Christmas eve of 2010, how can we ever forget this extra superduper special occasion? God blessed our family with a very early Christmas gift. I was 2 months pregnant with our most awaited baby boy at that time, I am teary eyed from overwhelming happiness as I am typing here. It makes me realize that this Happiness Project really works and serves its purpose.

23rd of July 2011, our precious baby boy was born. We named him Gian Carlo, an Italian name which means "the gracious gift of God". I was smiling with tears of indescribable joy at that moment. God is truly magnanimous!

18th of December 2011, our precious baby boy was baptised a few days before Christmas day. This reminds me how truly blessed we are to have God at the center of our lives.

24th of December 2011, we celebrated Christmas with our complete family. We have always dreamed to have a baby boy to make us one happier and bigger family. Looking at happy us makes my heart swell in gratitude for the overflowing blessings God shower us in spite of our shortcomings and flaws.

23rd of January 2012, we celebrated Chinese New Year and our baby boy's half year (6 months) milestone. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our children grow healthy and happy.

23rd of July 2012, we celebrated our boy's 1st birthday. We threw him an intimate Mickey Mouse party and he enjoyed it so much. His ONEderful year on earth makes us grateful to God for His endless love and guidance.

30th of September 2012, my girl had her First Holy Communion. As Roman Catholics, this occasion is considered a big milestone . We purposely didn't bring our baby boy along so that we could dedicate all our time and attention to our first child on her very special day.

Easter Sunday 2013, we had a Catholic house blessing. We are so happy and grateful that we finally have a place we could call our own. It is one of our greatest dreams and never expected that God will help us realize it this year. Acquiring our own flat is definitely one of the biggest blessing that we received from God almighty.

23rd of July 2013, we celebrated our boy's TWOrrific birthday. We humbly thank God that as the children gets bigger, they are growing to be smarter and healthier.

Happiness is contagious. Let us spread happiness around the world wide web and make it viral. 



  1. all of the photos looks so good! the born child photos is amazing! totally a happiness that should be in everyone's memories! xx

  2. Family really makes as happy. They are indeed the source of our strengths! Seeing the photos you had with your husband and kids motivates me that sooner I will also have a blessed family like you. thanks for being an inspiration. http://yourdailyjottings.blogspot.com/2013/08/stressed-tired-confused-then-take-short.html

  3. love all the photos Che, am also reminiscing with you, keep on being inspired by these happy moments, ahhh, time flies, can't believe K has grown sooooo beautifully now, INSIDE AND OUT, just like you. and both K and G are such wonderful gifts am sure that truly inspires and move you each day to give the best YOU for them. keep on enjoying God's wonderful blessings.

  4. nice family. Its indeed a happy place to look back whenever you get sad. God is indeed good. More blessings :) thanks for sharing :)

  5. here again Che, and am greeted by the warmth in each picture that truly brings happiness!!

  6. Psstttt yab yab all your inspiring happy photos....so proud to be a part of the pages of your life :)

  7. What a beautiful project you are starting Che. You have a beautiful family and that's a great one to start the list!

    1. All of the photos exudes love o and happiness of the family. I specifically love the one with your daughter and hubby.

  8. That's a great project you have started. I love all your photos and showed you a have a great family.Happiness,indeed.

  9. What a beautiful post! Your happiness project looks like a Great Success!

  10. Awesome project sis. Al I can say Che is you're so blessed to have a happy family. now ko lang nakita photo mo.

  11. I love your project! The happiness overflows in every picture you shared! I look forward to the next happiness you can share! :) I shouldn'r forget to mention, you have a very beautiful family! <3

  12. Awww! I love your project Sis :-) You have a beautiful and happy family. I love all the pictures here. Family is very important above the most :-)

  13. I used to have an officemate from Singapore. She said that, Singapore is expensive so most of them save up money and retire here in the USA, where it is cheaper.