The New Ippudo SG at Mohamed Sultan (formerly known as Ippudo TAO)

Do you remember my up-scale and modern brasserie experience at Ippudo SG in Mandarin Gallery? I find Ippudo SG's food, service and ambiance really excellent that's why I gave its well-deserved positive review. 

Ippudo SG at Mohamed Sultan

This time around, let me introduce you the newly revamped and rebranded Ippudo SG at Mohamed Sultan (formerly know as Ippudo TAO). I was privileged to have witnessed its launch last Wednesday night along with the hubby through the unexpected invitation from the PR & Marketing Executive of Ippudo SG herself, Ms Vivien Seah.

Let me give you a quick tour to the newly renovated place.

The Main Dining Area

The Bar

The Kitchen

The Alfresco Dining Area

I was told I could bring a guest with me so I tagged along the hubby instead of tagging along a blogger friend because it was his birthday eve. Perfect chance to have our much needed couple time too.

We were served with finger foods while waiting for the formal launch ceremony. The Kuromame Cream Cheese, Smoked Duck with Orange Sauce and Taramo Salad were teasers before the buffet. The smoked Duck and Taramo Salad were really good! It made me crave for more, I actually couldn't remember how much I consumed. 

There was a free flow of wine, champagne, beer, sake (much later) and juices. Hubby had red wine while I had cranberry juice to quench our thirst. 

When the launch ceremony finally started, the emcee introduced the RAMEN KING, Mr Shigemi Kahawara. He is the founder of Ippudo and the CEO of Chikaranamoto Company, which encompasses some of Japan's finest restaurants. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of the instavideo I took. 

The Ramen King spoke in Japanese and the emcee translated what he said for all the guest to understand. Wonder what he said? Follow @sweetmemoirs on Instagram and check my feed. I am such a tease, am I? Haha! Not really, just want to add more thrill here. :D

I was so elated to witness the Sake Barrel Ceremony (Kagami-Biraki) led by the Ramen King himself. *Kagami-Biraki is a ceremony performed at celebratory events in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet and the sake is served to everyone present. I tried to take instavideo of the ceremony but I think I was too engrossed witnessing such traditional Japanese ceremony for the first time that I did not press the video button properly. Epic fail, haha! I hope the collage will make up for it. 

FYI: *Kagami refers to the lid of the sake barrel and biraki means "to open" so kagami-biraki literally means "opening the lid". Because of the lid's round shape, the kagami is a symbol of harmony. The kagami-biraki, therefore, represents an opening to harmony and good fortune. ~ Source

It was truly an honour and privileged to meet the very inspiring Ramen King. He was dressed so casually, if not for the proper introduction one can never tell he is actually the Ramen King because there were other Japanese men in suits during the event. It is a great reminder that one should never judge a book by its cover. Not all CEO/big bosses dress to impress and are unapproachable. Mr Kahawara is very humble, I witnessed with my own naked eyes how he gamely chatted with guests, went the extra mile of serving sake and food and did things big bosses are not supposed to do. Hats off to the Ramen King! He very well deserved his great success. 

After the formal launch ceremony and unveiling of the new signboard, the buffet was served. We had chilled tomatoes, Caesar salad, Teba Karaage, Beef Tataki and Pork Bun. All the drool-worthy food photos were posted on my Instagram (@sweetmemoirs). 

The night won't be complete without slurping into a bowl of mouthwatering ramen. That's my hubby's Spicy Tonkotsu - thin noodles served in tonkotsu broth and Ippudo's spicy miso paste, topped with pork belly and spring onions, accented with fragrant garlic oil. Aren't you drooling yet? Head over at Ippudo SG, Mohamed Sultan and satisfy your ramen craving! They are officially open now and they came up with a brand new menu for everyone.

I had a brief chat with Ms Ng Yin Ching, the pretty lady in black and the director of Ippudo Malaysia. She asked me what I like about Ippudo apart from its life-changing (borrowed words from Lady Iron Chef) ramen, I told her it's the excellent service and great ambiance. 

Congratulations Ippudo SG! There are three things that diners look forward to when they go out to eat: yummylicious food, excellent service and great ambiance. I have to say Ippudo SG is consistent in serving superb food, giving excellent service and delivering great ambiance. Keep it up!

Thank you so much for the invitation, Vivien! My husband and I had a great time. Till we meet for more slurps and burps again. :)

Ippudo SG at Mohamed Sultan
207 River Valley Road
UE Square
Singapore 238275

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  2. echoing Zen, indeed, written like a pro, keep on inspiring Che, and oh boy, YES! I am drooling here! I want to have a taste of that ramen!

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