The Starfish Story

It's that time of the month again... I am feeling depressed for no reason and I couldn't bring myself to write anything despite being overloaded with backlogs.

One of the things I do when I'm sad; find a way to inspire other people instead of bringing them down with me in the pit of darkness.

I found this inspiring story in Facebook and thought of sharing it with you. Image credit goes to Quotes and Inspirations FB Page.

I am like the young woman (except that I am not young anymore, hehe) who believes I make a difference by doing little things to save the earth (and its treasures) lovingly created by God.


  1. thanks for sharing Che, hope you feel better now, I know, it's tough to deal with our "it's time of the month" thing.

  2. throw me out into the ocean now...hehehe haaayyyy life is never perfect but it takes angelic eyes like yours to guide us....:)