Toddler Talks

Here's how my two year old boy communicate with the family.

MomMe: You want some milk?

G: Ayaw, ayaw, ayaw (ayaw means NO) while shaking his head

MomMe: Don't say ayaw, say no.

G: Ayaw, ayaw, ayaw.


MomMe: Bath time!

G: Bath time? Swimming?


Big sis: Hi mommy!

G: Hi mommy!

He basically repeats almost everything we say including Tagalog words so we do our best to speak in English at all times. 


When he drops something accidentally...


G: Oh no!!!


G: Oh men!!!

My big rabbit says that very often.


After reading browsing a book with me...

G: Ok, ba-bye!

And walks out of his playroom leaving me alone.

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