What are Charlie Bears?

Teddy bears have always been considered cute and collectible items. Although they are majorly popular with kids, especially little girls, if you were to explore the collection of Charlie bears then anyone is likely to fall for these collectible items.

Charlie bears is a revolutionary series of stuffed bears based on the old school teddy bear concept but with an artistic edge. Established by the pair of William and Charlotte Morris these bears have been inspiring people since November 2005. These bears have character and this is what sets them apart from the other conventional teddy bears that you will be able to find in the market.

The first big break came for the Charlie bears in 2006 when the founding members exhibited their creation at the Birmingham Spring Fair. Here they received a very warm reception which encouraged the duo to go ahead with their idea. Driven by passion the two designers set up a teddy bear producing company that completely revolutionized the kind of teddy bears that were available in the market.

One should not mistake Charlie bears to be the high fashion highly priced works of art. Artistic they are without a doubt but they are very moderately priced which makes them affordable for all kinds of people. Originally the company had released a collection of 12 distinct Charlie bears. Soon after their release these products were soaring in terms of their popularity in the market in UK in 2006. The huge success in such a short time encouraged William and Charlotte Morris to develop more varieties of their teddy bears and today the entire collection has more than 60 varieties of incredibly plush and mohair collectible teddy bears.

Some of the most popular and interesting varieties developed by the company are mentioned below:


Also designed by Isabelle Lee this female bear is slightly smaller at 10.5" inches. It is characterized by its soft and spiky plush which has been made in a toned down beige. The beige is accented by shades of ginger. Alice has a pair of jet black eyes along with a black nose. A unique necklace with wooden beads and a button gives her the feminine touch.


Designed by Isabelle Lee, Alexander comes forth as a 13" plush Charlie bear constructed fully jointed and finished by hand. This is a deep piled plush faux featuring dark brown fur. It has complimenting jet black eyes and nose. This the is breakthrough bear which is a must have for all teddy bear enthusiasts. You will be able to get your hands on this particular Charlie bear for about 27.99.

If you want to go for something extra special then the Doodle is part of a limited variety series of teddy bears. This is an 11" inch teddy bear with attitude. The bear features curly beige and brown mohair and has been especially hand finished. What sets this Charlie bears apart is the fact that it has the ability to stand on its own.