Where to Buy Cheap Toys for Kids?

Confession: I indulge my kids to collect toys they love mainly because they don't cost me an arm and leg. Most of their toys are bought either from a family thrift store or flea market. I seldom buy anything that costs more than $5. Yes, I am a cheapskate like that. If there are toys that cost above $5 at home, it is definitely a gift from family and friends.

Toys are easily broken. If you buy expensive ones, you will surely get heartbroken when the kids break them. If your reason for not buying at thrift stores and flea markets is hygiene, there are many ways to disinfect pre-loved toys. I usually wash the toys I buy with an antiseptic/disinfectant liquid before giving it to the kids. 

There are many quality finds at thrift store and flea markets like the toy bicycle above. Sometimes, they even come in it's original packaging. It means, it has never been used before. There are other pre-loved but well-maintained toys that are worth buying too. All you need is a good eye for a smart buy. Who says only affluent families can afford to buy toys for the kids?


  1. that's a lovely bike, for less than $5? wow! you are one smart happy mom Che, being a cheapskate is an art, and yes, by all means, we could disinfect the toys before kids play them.

  2. I love thrift store finds and buy many toys there then bring them home and scrub them down. The kids seriously do not mind and will help me search. lol

  3. Echoing you....toys easily get broken and natural play for the kids is better :)