Whip Up a Homemade Waffle and Save Money

We are all foodies in the family. After dinner, we eat fruits as dessert. During weekend nights, we eat midnight snacks while watching a movie. When we are out and about, we buy something to bite. The kids' favourite is waffle, particularly blueberry waffle. For the family to enjoy waffle anytime of the day, the hubby and I finally decided to purchase a waffle maker.

Thanks to our spur of the moment trip to Singapore Expo, we scored a pretty good deal. After my first #epicfail attempt, I eventually got the grip of it and manage to whip up a mouthwatering homemade waffle with generous scoops of neopolitan icecream and drizzles of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Since we don't have a cherry, my girl suggested I put a grape on top.

End result: two thumbs up from my girl and a clean plate in the blink of an eye! The hubby commented I am now a Chef. Haha! I am currently enjoying the perks of being a cooking mama. Apart from saving money (the waffle I whipped up could cost a bomb if bought outside), what do they say about good food? It is the way to a man's heart? I'd say it is the way to everyone's heart. :D

I will share the my waffle recipe soon. Please do remind me. LOL

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