Who is Superman?

I have been addressing my boss as superman here at Sweet Memoirs. My ex-colleague baptised him as superman because he flies from one hospital to another to attend to emergency cases even during ungodly hours. He fits his pseudo-name perfectly, don't you think so?

What I admire most about superman is his love for his family and his determination in helping other people. He doesn't mind closing the clinic either to spend quality time with his family or do some charitable deeds in and out of the country.

Truth be told, superman wear many hats. Apart from being a workaholic dedicated surgeon, a responsible head of the family, and a good samaritan, he is also an avid golfer and a passionate musician.

When I started working for superman, I knew right away that he loves to play drums and guitars because of this miniature display inside his office. He also once invited us to their 3-storey house and it didn't surprise me anymore when I found out that the whole 3rd floor was converted into a music room complete with piano, bass guitar, and a set of drums. (I wonder where he buys all his music instruments. One of his drums looks like bass drum at WWBW.)

Pardon me digressing. Anyway, (back to superman) working with him for a few years now makes me realized how blessed I am to have known him and his God-centered family. His wife whom I normally address here as my lady boss takes care of me as if I am related to them by blood. She reminds me to take vitamins and lets me take off to be with my children as and when our clinic schedule permits. God bless their kind souls.


  1. wow, that's superman collection? indeed, you have one superman boss Che, and you're so blessed to have him for boss as I know he is also super generous and super kind. but for me, you are the super family :)

    enjoy your long weekend :) good luck in your projects. haaay, ako, matapos na ang summer, wala pang project na nagawa :(

  2. hi there supermom, superman employee :) gee would love to hear superman play music! you are indeed blessed to have found them :) wish I could one sweet day meet superman in person :)

  3. I finallly know there is Superman in reality.