5 Types of Tile for an Awesome Looking Home

Tile is one of the best materials chosen for homes today. It has been a favorite for many years; actually much longer than you might think. Tile was used in Roman times. Currently there are several types that provide a host of benefits from the attractive look provided to the savings realized by installing tile. What are the different types used in homes?

The Types of Tile used Most Often


Travertine MB1

Travertine floor tiles are one choice. This stone provides a beautiful look and when polished, the smooth finish of the tiles is excellent for floors. There are a variety of colors available from coral to gray. This allows the tile to enhance any d├ęcor. The popularity of travertine tiles for stunning home flooring is due to the durability and the ease of upkeep. In addition, many people choose the rough-hewn style of travertine that offers a very striking look particularly suited for rustic decorating, which has become a trend.


Mosaic Tiles Project

Another popular tile that is often used in homes is mosaic tile. It is preferred by people who like smaller tile. The tiles are generally two inches by two inches. They are made from porcelain or clay as well as other materials such as natural stone, metal or glass. It is easy to install because paper is adhered to the back of tiles during the manufacturing process. Mosaic tile is often used in combination with other types to create designs.


Pietra Piasentina - New Stone Tiles

Stone tile is gaining in popularity. This tile includes granite which has become a favorite for kitchens. The key to the best use of this tile is to make sure it is sealed and polishing regularly aids in making it last longer. This is because the tile is porous meaning that it contains tiny holes that allow air or liquid in, so it is imperative that it is sealed when used in homes. However, the great look that it provides with irregular hues and texture associated with stone makes it a winner for decorative purposes.

Glazed Ceramic

Ceramic glazed porcelain floor

Glazed ceramic tiles are used in homes for the great look they provide. One of the best things about this type of tile is the higher the temperature when it is fired in a kiln, the stronger the tile. The tiles are available in many colors. Many times this tile is chosen because it comes in so many different colors and it is very affordable. It can add a great look to your home and installation and upkeep of the tile is easy.

Faux Wood

Photo Floors: Loftwood

What if you could have the look of wood flooring without the cost? Faux wood provides a distinctive look for homes without the upkeep or the cost of actual wood flooring. This is why it is gaining quite a following. This tile looks like wood, but it is easy to maintain, it resists moisture and holds up much better to wear and tear. Additionally, the tiles are available in numerous wood types. From mahogany to redwood, pine, and more, the tiles resist chipping and they can be purchased with a weathered look, which is great for rustic

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