Another Perfectly Ordinary Weekend

Howdy? How was your weekend? Ours was spent wonderfully with the fambam. We didn't wander anywhere but we had a great time with the kids. The weekend fun started on Friday evening. Had a good badminton match with hubby and the big rabbit. What a great way to burn calories whilst bonding.

Saturday, the hubby and I had to work for half day but we made up with the children in the afternoon. Hubby bonded with the little rabbit by making paper origami by following a detailed instruction on youtube while I made waffle icecream with the big rabbit. We had another round of badminton fun in the evening.

Sunday morning spelled L-O-V-E. We had bakkwa fried rice and sunny side up for breakfast. The hubby and the little rabbit cuddled up in the living room sofa after breakfast and enjoyed watching a cartoon movie at Disney Channel. My big rabbit whom we allow to sleep in on weekdays woke up in time for us to prepare for the 11am mass.

Grabbed a quick lunch at Pepper Lunch Express after the mass and went home in time for the little rabbit's afternoon nap. I took the chance to clean and organized our shoe cabinet while the hubby and the little rabbit slept. I washed my sneakers and the girl's rubber shoes. The big rabbit who kept herself busy doing her homework was so delighted to see her shoes sparkling clean.

After dinner, hubby and the big rabbit attempted to do more paper origami creations while I had fun with shapes with the little rabbit. I cut a circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, star and heart paper and the little rabbit had fun identifying them one by one. I may be bias for saying I have a smart boy but I really do!

It was another perfectly ordinary weekend for us! We did not spend so much yet we had so much fun with the children while spending quality time with them. This coming weekend will be a whole different story as the hubby and I scored a very cheap Legoland one day tour from our community club. Yay, we get to travel outside Singapore at last even for just a day. :D



  1. i miss making those paper artworks!

  2. what a great bonding time with your family Che, and love those paper origami.

  3. Psssstttt love those blue papers!! always a perfect day when we spend it with the ones we love.
    .yay enjoy legoland!!! yep you have a smart proud! still in bed here...regaining energy hehe...