Choosing Between an Electric and Mixer Shower

Choosing a shower system can be a tricky process, and choosing between an electric and a mixer shower system can be especially difficult if you don’t know how they differ. Home water systems also need to be taken into account; do you have a boiler or a hot water tank? Do you have good water pressure or does the hot water run out after a couple of showers? All this should be considered when choosing the best shower type for your home.

Electric Shower:

If you aren’t connecting your hot water system to the shower than the electric shower is the best choice for you. Before installation though you need to check the power rating of the shower and compare it to the cable and fuse sizes as well as the electricity supply in your home.

Electric showers are excellent choices for homes with large numbers or families as they heat water immediately, so there is no need to worry about running out of hot water or waiting for it to heat up if you’ve run out.

However, electric showers can be slightly pricier to run depending on how they are connected to your household water system and they are also known for having less than ideal pressure.  They are also required to be installed by a professional electrician, something which should be factored in to the costs if you are working on a budget. They can also be limited on design if are interested in the aesthetics.

Mixer Shower:

If you want to incorporate your home water system than a mixer shower is your best choice. They adapt well with most water systems including boilers, gravity fed or high pressure systems. If you live in an area with a high level of hard water mixer showers are popular for their resistance to limescale as well as their overall reliability. They also come in a wider selection of styles ad designs.

Their design allows hot and cold water to be blended from various sources so the ideal water temperature is much easier to find, on top of this thermostatic mixer systems automatically maintain a  continuous temperature even if water is running in different parts of the home.

However, you are restricted by the amount of hot water available so it is not ideal for large households or households where everyone takes a shower around the same time. There are also a wide varity of additions you can add to you mixer shower which may seem confusing so it’s always best to check with a professional about the right type for you.

You want to be sure you have invested in a shower that suits your needs and that adapts well into your home and its water system. So always seek professional advice whether you are installing your shower yourself or not; if you are installing the shower yourself be sure to read all installation manuals thoroughly and ensure the fitting is accurate and secure.

This post was written for Juice Electrical Supplies – heating and ventilation specialists from the UK.

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