Fragrances for Women, Brazilian Wax, and 5 Other Weekend Treats

fragrances for women

There’s always something to look forward to at the end of the week. Whether it’s a trip to the mall to try some new fragrances for women or a seaweed spa session with the girls, women get excited to plan ahead for a fun weekend. We know time is precious, that’s why we’re helping you out to have fun with these 7 weekend treats.

Saturday brunch with the girls.
Even if you have your boyfriend whom you truly love and whom you like to spend each moment with, you must never forget your girl friends. They are the ones who stood by you and who will never get tired of standing by you when men come and go. Catch up with them over brunch at a quaint cafe or a genuine Italian pizzeria.

Shop for fragrances.
After brunch, head to your favorite mall or check online stores on your mobile to find new fragrances for women. It’s definitely a good idea to have some friends with you to get their opinion on a new scent. Decide between tea and jasmine fusion from ETRO Palais Jamais or an ultra floral scent from Kenzo Eau de Fleur Magnolia.

Go Brazilian for the first time
Not every girl can muster enough courage to have all their body hair removed, but there’s always a first time. Surprise your boyfriend next week by having your own hair removal session at a waxing salon. Go Brazilian all the way!

Get a weekend makeup class.
It may seem an easy task but not all girls can do their own makeup. If you’re someone who lacks an artistic hand on blending colors, make sure to enroll yourself in a weekend makeup class. Basics of makeup application will do, including primers, foundation, eye shadow, lip colors and tools like makeup brushes. Make sure to list down every technique and tools associated with it.

Go find a weekend sale.
Stock up piles of bathroom essentials or gather new pairs of boots and coats for the cold weather. Nobody does discount shopping better than women so bring out that bargaining power in you. You can also join Beauty Encounter’s beauty giveaway this September and you might just win new beauty essentials.

Burn those weekday carbs
You probably have done binge eating during your school or work days because that’s your only resort to release stress. A better way to let go of stress is to exercise. Run, do yoga or pilates, or dance and make those hips drop it like it’s hot. You can find a priceless boost of happy hormones just by sweating out.

Get yourself a makeover.
So you got your heart broken or you got rejected from an internship you’ve been dying to have. It’s painful to get into these situations but one effective way to reset your standards is to get yourself a makeover! Dye your hair red or bleach your hair all you want. Put in some bangs or get a pixie cut if you’ve been sporting long locks for years. Your new life begins when you start changing over the weekend.

Live life to the fullest by trying out these 7 weekend treats!