Fri-date with K at Lenas

I was supposed to have a date with my daughter last Wednesday when I took a day off from work but by the time I finished my soft rebonding treatment, the big rabbit didn't feel like going out because she was tired from staying the whole day in school. I only get to take home her favourite food and we ate it together at home for dinner.

I made it up to her last Friday though. I took undertime from work (left half an hour earlier than usual) to fetch her from her Chinese supplementary class then we went for an early dinner at Lenas in Tampines 1.

She ordered this soft shell crab omelette rice [description from the menu: fluffy and moist egg wrapped over garlic infused rice with soft shell crab and curry sauce]. While waiting for our food, she told me that her friend, Pat is also very fond of omelette rice and she can't wait to tell her about this new dish discovery.

Mom-me on the other hand was thorn from ordering between baked rice and pasta. Obviously, pasta craving overpowered my baked rice craving. Since I haven't had my pasta fix for the whole month, I went all out in ordering Carbonara Creamoso [description from the menu: popular dressing of butter, tossed with sauteed bacon and grana panado]. WARNING: This is very rich, creamy and sinful but the pasta and bacon lover in me just closed my eyes, savoured every single mouthful and did not bother about the calories. After all, it's my pasta fix for the month, I usually have my sinful pasta fix once a week. :P

With my icecream and strawberry lover girl in mind, I added $5 (UP $6.80) to get this Strawberry Crazy Icecream. She did not like the corn flakes, the preserved cherry and the wafer hence I ended up eating all of it. I also ended up finishing her omelette rice because she wanted to swap food with me after I let her have a taste of my bacon. By the time we finished devouring the icecream, I felt like I just gained 3kg. I am that stuffed. @.@

Lenas is located Tampines 1, Level 3/K1/K2 right opposite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (as seen on the photo above). It is a Modern Italian American Restaurant under the Ministry of Food (MOF) group. On certain days, the queue can be very long but K and I were lucky there was no queue when we went there last Friday around 6pm.

The food was superb, service wasn't bad but I don't understand why we have to be charged 30cents for every glass of plain water. Having said that, I will still probably come back there to eat with the husband and have some wine and steak next time. I love the happy vibe of the place, K and I actually enjoyed the music playing while we were there.

Overall rating: 4/5

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  1. Hmmm great date!♥love the sound of the sinful creamy pasta!!! ♥♥♥ and the strawberry icecream look crazily yum!!!

  2. I could not imagine you gaining 3 kgs Che, I am like K, loves to swap food whenever eating out