How Lighting Can Change the Look and Feel of Home

Lighting has a major impact on the overall design of any building or structure. And even in homes, it is a
determinant of how comfortable and conducive for work the house will be for its occupants. Moreover, lighting conditions also have an effect on the level of security both inside and outside of the house.
With all the aforementioned purposes and impact of lighting on the household, it's therefore very important that this aspect of home design is carefully looked into from the beginning. Any compromise in regards to the quality of lighting can result in lack of productivity and security, as well as inconvenience in the household.

The following are the specific points at which lighting can affect not merely the look, but as well the feel of home:

In the kitchen
Have you ever been in a dark or poorly lit kitchen? More importantly, would you feel confident preparing food in a kitchen that is insufficiently lit? Perhaps not. The fear that you might get scalded, accidentally chop off one of your fingers, or pour the wrong ingredient into your recipe would most likely taint your performance as you work your way through the area. The kitchen is one of the key areas of home, making adequate lighting an indispensable element in it. Household kitchens in general have to have task lighting that will provide enough illumination for crucial tasks involved in cooking and food preparation, and at the same time provide a relaxing environment that will help in reducing the stress levels of its occupants.

In the living room
The living room is where social gatherings take place; it's also the place wherein the family bonds together during weekends. Sometimes, it's packed with activities, but other times, it's that place of home where relaxation is the goal. Given the versatility of living rooms, they need lighting that is as versatile as well. Lighting that provides not only illumination, but as well the right ambience for different occasions. provides a variety of light fixtures that can serve many functions including task lighting and ornamentation.

In the home study
The office at home is your work area; it's where you pore over important business documents, read and answer emails, and write business proposals night and day. That said you would probably assume that only task lighting is necessary in the office -- a common misconception of many. While task lighting is important, it is not the only lighting source that should be installed in the area because aside from adequate illumination that would make reading and writing easier, the home office also has to have ambient lighting that will serve as a stress reducer and moreover, lessen eye strain and migraines caused by glare coming from the computer screen.

Rule of thumb in home lighting
Lighting the home should not only be driven by the desire to beautify it, but more importantly by the goal of making it a better place to live in for its occupants.

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  1. Hard to imagine working in the kitchen that has poor lighting or dark.