4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is a very important step on the road toward marriage. Although the bride to be will likely accept it regardless of its appearance, it is still a wise decision to seek an appealing engagement ring. Here are some tips to help pick out the best wedding ring. 

Be attentive

When it comes time to find an engagement ring for that special lady, the guy will need to start paying attention to the types of jewelry that she wears. Most women have a certain type of jewelry that they tend to gravitate towards. 

Listen to her hints

Often times, a lady will give hints about the kind of ring that she has her eyes on. If the woman specifically points out a ring that she adores, then you can bet that she would love to wear it. 


The truth of the matter is that every ring is not appropriate for every woman. Women that tend to be more active will be better suited with a ring that does not have high prongs that could tear clothing. If a woman does a lot of work with her hands, then it will be best to find a ring that is easy to clean. To see various types of rings, find more here. 


Borrowing a ring of hers to find out her ring size is a good idea. A trusted family member may also be able to provide this critical information.

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  1. ....still dreaming here of a church wedding....and asking the hubby to propose with a ring...willing to wait here no matter how long it takes ;)