My Blog's First Scholar

When I was young, my parents taught me the importance of good education. My father would always say, I want to see you graduate in university with a degree and lead a better life before I leave this world. Basically, his dream is to send all his seven children to school and eventually become professionals. He fulfilled his dream but sadly, he left this world without seeing his youngest child (that's none other than me) graduate with a degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine.

If my father was still alive, I am sure he will salute me for my desire to share my blog's blessings to the unfortunate children whose parents couldn't afford to send them to school. I was inspired by one of my blogging besties and special friend, Betchai of TJOSL and BIBO. In fact, she was the reason why I turned my old photoblog into a family and lifestyle blog so that I could post more quality entries, earn from blogging and share my blogging happine$$ too like what she's been doing all these years.

Betchai's blogs support two scholars from Tapulanga Foundation. I had the choice of getting a relative as a scholar but I think that will defeat my purpose of helping without expecting anything in return. As a way of showing my gratitude for all the blogging inspirations and happine$$ overflowing in this blog, I decided to get my own scholar from Tapulanga Foundation too.

Meet Claire, my blog's first scholar. I will be monitoring Claire's school progress and I wish to communicate with her to inspire her to study hard, just as I did when I was her age. I pray to God that Claire will not be my first and last scholar. Since I am not able to donate through World Food Program and Red Cross Philippines via paypal anymore (I wrote to paypal why I have not been able to donate like I used to, they replied and and informed me that I am no longer permitted to donate to charities outside Singapore via paypal), I will concentrate on sending underprivileged children to school.


  1. Bless you more Che, Claire is blessed to have you as sponsor and "ate"

  2. Ps.....thanks for the special mention too.