One Day Legoland Malaysia Tour: The Journey from Singapore to Malaysia

We've been planning to visit Legoland Malaysia since it opened last year but when our community club arranged a one day tour last December school holidays, it clashed with our planned Christmas vacation in the Philippines. "Don't be sad, there will always be next time", the hubby pacified my girl. True enough, our community club arranged another Legoland Malaysia One Day Tour on the first day of September school holidays.

We grabbed the opportunity and paid for 2 adults and 1 child (the little rabbit is free of charge). The offer is too good to miss, it is cheaper than the entrance fee to Universal Studios Singapore and it already includes two-way coach fares from our estate to Legoland Malaysia and the full entrance tickets to the theme park. Our itinerary also includes a stop to a chocolate factory outlet and a shopping galore at Aeon Mall.

We woke up at 4:30am as the hubby hates rushing. We had ample time for breakfast, we took our time to bathe and we made it right in time for the 6:30am registration. We were given goodie bags filled with bottles of mineral water, bread, pens and caps. We left Simei Community Club at around 7am, the little rabbit woke up and was ecstatic to find himself inside a bus so early in the morning.

The boy started to get bored when we were stuck in a traffic at Woodlands, right before the Immigration Checkpoint.

When we reached this point, we were asked to alight the bus and get our passports stamped at the Immigration Checkpoint.

Knowing Singapore's efficiency, getting our passports checked was a breeze. Here's the hubby and the big rabbit while waiting for the rest of our bus-mates.

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The journey on the Johor-Singapore Causeway is just like going to Sentosa Island. In the blink of an eye, we reached the Immigration and Quarantine Complex - Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. We had to alight the bus again, including all our belongings to get our passports checked.

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Surprisingly, JB's immigration checkpoint was as efficient (and clean and organized too) as that of its Singapore counterpart based on our experience. Don't be surprised if I say it was our first time travelling to JB. Many Singaporeans and Filipinos travel to JB everyday for cheap shopping and services like spa, among other things. Security was our main issue in not riding the bandwagon.

If it was just me and the hubby, we'll probably have no apprehensions in travelling to and fro SG-JB anytime. According to our tourist guide whom we met when we arrived at JB, not all parts of JB is unsafe. It all depends on which area you wish to explore. FYI: From time to time, we hear news about tourist(s) being robbed and (sadly) get killed. It was the very reason why we chose to travel there with a group of tourists on our first visit.

Is there a high chance my family will go back to JB all by ourselves? Honestly speaking, we did not experience anything fishy while we were in JB but to keep the family safe from harm I think we still prefer travelling to JB with a group of tourists. It is better to be cautious that regret in the end. If you plan to go to Legoland Malaysia free and easy, you can take a taxi ride from JB immigration to Legoland Malaysia for 45 Malaysian ringgit, according to our tourist guide. The thing is, you have to travel at your own risk. We are not singling out JB as a dangerous place to visit. Our security issues are solely based on the news we read and hear. It is our personal choice not to travel to JB all by ourselves.

Click -----> here for the continuation of our Legoland Malaysia travelogue. Our first stop is a chocolate factory outlet and breakfast thereafter. 

*The rest of the photos in this post are taken with iPhone5

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