One Day Legoland Malaysia Tour: The Theme Park (Part 1)

This is a continuation of this post.

"Mooooom! We are in LEGOLAAAAAAAAAAND!!!", she screamed. My big rabbit was obviously too excited to explore the place. That's the Legoland Hotel she's pointing which will only be ready by next year.

Before we all get sweaty and our hair gets messy from all the exciting rides, here's a mandatory family picture at the LEGOLAND entrance. The little rabbit is oblivious of all the excitement going on as he continued sleeping soundly on his pram.

Took advantage of not having to run after a hyperactive toddler. We did some boring and sweet photo poses.

Did I just say boring? Well, we did some fun and silly poses with you in mind too! Haha! I don't want my readers to get bored, ya'know?! LOL. Before I digress way too far, join us as we explore Legoland Malaysia's Theme Park.


I couldn't get enough of how incredible the miniature Asian landmarks are. The kids were equally amazed.

Like I mentioned here, Miniland is animated. There are moving trains and buses everywhere. That's my boy who was so tempted to climb the barricade and take the moving bus with him.

There are just too many awe-inspiring Lego brick miniature creations to rave about. Photos won't give justice on how incredible they look, you have to see the minutest details with your own naked eyes. My favourites has to be the iconic Taj Mahal, Petronas Twin Towers and The Merlion.



A visit to the "kingdom" won't be complete without a "royal family" photo at the Castle Stage. At least for us, haha!


Our first fun ride was the Dragon's Apprentice. Can you spot me and my big rabbit? We are on the 3rd row of the dragon's head. Initially, big rabbit shed crocodile tears because she was scared but after one ride she wanted to ride again. She was so ecstatic she overcame her fear of riding roller coasters.


I felt a little bit giddy after the Dragon's Apprentice ride but the big rabbit dared me to ride the longer and scarier ride which is The Dragon. So I added another one to my long list of "crazy things I do for my kids".

There we are on the second row of the dragon's tail. I find the initial part more fun, we had to enter the castle (I have no camera in hand so no images inside the castle to show you ) and there was a "prelude" to the wild ride where The Dragon story was told complete with sound effects, Lego dragons and other props before we finally emerge from the castle and was treated to a really fast roller coaster ride. We were still screaming our lungs out when we realized we're back inside the castle and the ride was over. Haha! The big rabbit enjoyed the ride (I did not, finished way too fast haha) but she got scared with the prelude because of the sound effects and "scary" (at least for her) props.

While the big rabbit and I took the wild rides, the little rabbit woke up. Good thing there's The Forestman's Hideout opposite The Dragon's Apprentice where younger kids can play and goof around.


Hubby's turn to accompany the big rabbit. The little rabbit wanted to ride the Merlin's Challenge so bad but he wasn't allowed. Merlin's Challenge is a high speed Lego carousel, it's nothing compared to the two roller coaster rides we had. Haha.


Royal Joust is a classic medieval contest in the saddle of a Lego horse. Again, the little rabbit was not permitted to ride. It's suitable for 3 years old onwards. The big rabbit enjoyed the ride and acted like a true royalty. LOL.



To pacify the upset little rabbit, we brought him to Playtown at Imagination. Playtown is perfect for toddlers.

We let the little rabbit hang around for about half an hour and enjoy himself exploring at Playtown.


At long last, the little rabbit had his first ride. He enjoyed it so much I had to accompany him for 3 rounds. Good thing the crowd isn't overwhelming on the day of our visit. Duplo Express is located inside Duplo Playtown which caters to younger guests aka tots.


In front of the Pizza Mania are giant Lego displays that requires a mandatory photo opp. It is also where the big and little rabbit lined up to have their balloon sculpture done.

The big rabbit had a sweet pink balloon flower while the little rabbit had a red balloon sword which he used to hit the poor daddy rabbit.

We brought some sandwiches and fruits for snacks so we decided to have light lunch. Daddy rabbit, big rabbit and I shared with this family size thin crust hawaiian pizza fresh from the oven while the little rabbit chomped on his own baby toddler food.


After lunch, since we can't take any "strenuous" ride (I apologise for the lack of a better word, haha) we boarded the Observation Tower.

Observation Tower is similar to Sentosa's Tiger Sky Tower but the latter is much taller. It slowly rotates and treats it's "passengers" to a 360 degrees panoramic view of the the Legoland Malaysia Resort and its neighbouring land.


After the not-so-boring spin at the Observation Tower, the big rabbit tricked me again into accompanying her to the Kids Power Tower. I had to help her pull the rope so that we could reach the top of the tower then we have to let go of the rope to go down. It's super fun but requires a lot of strength.

Okay, let me take a rest. Haha! Tune in for Part 2; more fun, crazy and exhilarating rides on my Part 2 blog entry! Do check out Travel Delight for discounted admission tickets to Legoland Malaysia.


  1. Whew!!!! Thank you for the awesome virtual tour!!! I just can't get enough :)

  2. Wow, what a fantastic (and colorful) place! You are brave to ride those roller coasters! I would enjoy looking at all those miniature creations. Nice to see that there is plenty for the toddler group, as well.


  3. Though I was not there, but I could feel the fun, so happy for you all Che, seems like K had the biggest fun, G should go back there when he is old enough to be allowed in the rides.

  4. I love seeing your happy family having fun together... so precious.