One Day Legoland Malaysia Tour: The Theme Park (Part 2)

In case you missed the Part 1, click here.



While the big rabbit and I were at the Kids Power Tower, the little rabbit got scared seeing us right on top of the tower. He cried frantically and beg mommy rabbit and ate (big sister) to come down. He calmed down and his eyes lit up when I pointed him the Legoland Express (a life size Lego train) and told him, we're going for a train ride.

Look how he couldn't wait to board the train. We missed the 1st and 2nd train because there was a long queue.

Our reward for waiting too long, we were seated right behind the train driver.

Like Hong Kong Disneyland's train, Legoland Express is a steam-powered locomotive. The kids witnessed the steam coming out and was fascinated by it.


While taking in the beautiful sights around the park on board the Legoland Express, we spotted the boating school and made it our next stop.

The big rabbit enjoyed being a captain of a battery powered boat. While on the boat, the little rabbit and I sang row, row, row your boat while the big rabbit was busy controlling the wheel... So much fun being with the kids. Please excuse my messy hair and bulging tummy, LOL. 


After boating, the big rabbit decided to go for a driving lesson at Nissan Driving School.

Buckling up!

Big rabbit had fun racing with the other kids while sharpening her driving skills. She wanted so bad to get her kiddie driving license. 

We tried bringing the little rabbit at the Junior Driving School but we were told it's for 3 years old onwards again. Sigh. Good thing there were stationary Lego cars parked in front of the driving schools, we had fun steering the wheels and pretended we were learning how to drive too. 

There were Lego models too that kept the little rabbit occupied while waiting for his big sister to come out from the driving school. 

When the big rabbit finally finished her driving lessons, we took a quick photo opp with the Lego mascot (any idea what's his name?) in front of The Big Shop before proceeding to our 5th stop.


While on the tour bus, our tour guide kept talking about the "X Factor" ride. He was actually referring to Project X. The ride looked pretty fun from afar but I realized it's the scariest ride of all. Maybe that was the reason why uncle referred to it as X Factor.

I lost my soul on that scary sudden drop and suffered from a headache. I had fun screaming with the big rabbit after that though. When we were done, they showed us the photo taken by the Legoland camera. It was damn hilarious! My long hair were all up in the air and the big rabbit's face looked like a scared cat. LOL. I wanted to purchase it but was too expensive. I regret not stealing a snapshot of it from my phone. Hehehe. The crew will surely kill me if I did.


 To restore my lost soul and relieved my pounding headache, we lined up for the Aquazone Wave Racer.

What a refreshing change! I was back to my old happy soul after the ride. Haha! We got wet a little bit too, it's a perfect way to end the day. I declared I had enough of the rides. LOL. 

We missed exploring the Land of Adventure but since we already plan to come back when the little rabbit turns 3-4 years old, we called it a day. We went for another family photo op at the entrance before leaving because the little rabbit was sleeping on our first family portrait.

Compared to our Hong Kong Disneyland experience, we had more fun at Legoland Theme Park because the crowd isn't overwhelming. It did not take us too long to queue for the rides except for the Legoland Express. 

See you again soon, Legoland! We hope to stay at the Legoland Hotel on our next visit and get to explore the Legoland Water Fun too. Thanks and praises be to God adding another fun and memorable page in the book of our family life. 

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  1. super love!!!!! weeeeeeee...I got scared looking at your photo riding the boat...but I was thinking the water must not have been too deep anyway...hahaha I wish I could have seen your photo from the what was it? x factor ride?? haha, and I super duper love your photo riding the aquazone wave racer....weeeee....