One Day Legoland Malaysia Tour: Chocolate Factory Outlet + Breakfast Stop

This is a sequel to our journey from Singapore to Malaysia. In case you missed that post, click here.

This is the coach that took us from Singapore to Johor Bahru (JB) for the One Day Legoland Malaysia Tour. Our first stop for the day was the chocolate factory outlet called CacaoRich.

CacaoRich is a local chocolate brand, according to our tour guide. The hubby and I looked forward to taste the durian chocolate. Somehow, after living in Singapore for a couple of years we developed a huge appetite for durian and anything with durian flavour. We ended up buying a bag of durain chocolate for ourselves and a bag of mango chocolate for the big rabbit.

After chocolate shopping, the tourist guide brought us to Restoran Queen Park. It is similar to a hawker centre in Singapore except that it's uniquely Malaysian (I dare not comment on it's cleanliness). Since we already had breakfast at home, I asked the hubby to just order a portion for him and the big rabbit who wanted to have a taste of Malaysian food. I took the chance to feed the little rabbit with the egg porridge that I brought along.

The happy little rabbit entertained himself at the bus by sightseeing through the bus window while waiting for the rest to finish their breakfast.

The happy big rabbit on the other hand kept herself entertained by playing scissors-paper-stone with the hubby. She was so elated that our next stop will be the Legoland Malaysia theme park already.

That's our tour guide uncle who kept on scolding the other children in the bus for being noisy while he was talking. He told us it will take another 20 minutes or so before we reach Legoland. In my opinion, we don't really need a tour guide but we learned from the tour organizer that the bus driver is not familiar with the route hence they need a tourist guide to guide the driver.

I find the uncle a bit grumpy but he did a good job by providing us bits of information about JB and gave us tips on how we could maximize our time in Legoland like where to eat, what to see first, etc. He even warned us not to take the first 3 rows inside the 4D cinema if we don't wish to get wet.

Listening to uncle kept us occupied, we did not notice the time pass by and found out we already reached our destination. All the kids inside the bus went wild as expected, good thing the little rabbit who fell asleep on my lap did not get startled from all the the "LEGOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!" shouting.

That's it! We're off for a fun-filled adventure!

Join us as we explore Legoland Malaysia.


  1. hahahahaha can't wait for the next part!!! hmmm maybe the uncle tour guide had an LQ wehehehe......the big rabbit's smile is so contagious!!! she must have been so thrilled! :)

  2. K is such a picture of happiness Che, she must be so excited being there, and the little rabbit is a picture of a curious mind, looking looking observing and learning, am sure both had a wonderful time at legoland