7 Ideas in Decorating Your Home During Autumn

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Though it is perhaps one of the most fleeting of seasons (more so even than Spring), Autumn (or 'Fall') is a unique time of year when the outside world appears to meld into a beautiful sepia haze with earthy browns, oranges and golden leaves covering the ground like a soft carpet. With all this subtle beauty surrounding us, it's only natural to want to reflect some of the unique, organic glamour of Autumn in our own homes. Adding autumnal touches to the d├ęcor of your house on both the interior and the exterior can help make the seasonal transition indoors seem as natural as it is outdoors.

Here we'll be taking you through a few ideas for adding a touch of robust, Autumnal glory to your home.

Displaying artwork that reflects the subtly rich colours and themes of Autumn will really help bring the outdoors in. Nature themes with lots of oranges, rusty browns and hazy yellows will be your friends here. If your tastes are more 'modern' and 'abstract' however, you'll probably need to stick with bolder reds and browns as abstract art rarely deals in subtlety.

As the temperatures will be significantly cooler than they were in the Summer month, you'll want to consider hanging heavier curtains. To further accentuate the colours of the season, use deeper, 'autumn shades', the deeper 'warmer', colours will not only match the rest of your interior but will make your home 'feel' more cosy and comfortable.

Autumn is the season that fireplaces were built for! Not only as a means to keeping your family warm during the cold nights, but as a perfect canvas. The mantlepiece is a perfect place to present autumnal arts and crafts staples such as dried flowers, pine cones and more besides.

The Dining Room
It's not just the living room that can benefit from an Autumnal makeover, other rooms in your home could create just as large an impression. Take the dining room for example. During the Autumn and Winter months, the food served at your dining room table is bound to be warmer, more rustic fare so it would surely be callous to have your dining room not reflect the shift in cuisine. Consider implementing a 'centrepiece' on your dining room table and altering your place settings and table cloth to reflect the season.

Dried Hops

A rustic, 'traditional' decoration, dried hops are a unique, naturally glamorous decoration that you'll find in old fashioned pubs and restaurants across the country over the Autumn and Winter months. They should be hung or draped with small nails around the rim of the ceiling or in any position where they are unlikely to be knocked or damaged by people as they are rather brittle. Also be aware that the rich, faded green colour of the hops will last significantly longer if they are not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Rich Aromas
Decoration is not just visual. The smells of autumn (cinnamon, burning coals, rich, savoury meals) are just as incendiary as the natural browns, yellows and reds of the season. Incense sticks, candles and natural spices are all options and if 'authenticity' doesn't bother you too much, there are numerous 'plug-in' accessories on the market that are designed specifically to lend a certain 'rustic musk' to your home.

You can create a natural 'transition' between the indoors and the outdoors by turning your patio, conservatory or porch area into an autumnal gathering spot. Try casting a nice brown throw rug over your patio table and swapping out the more summery patio furniture (deck chairs, sun loungers etc.) with wicker or metal furnishings that really accentuate the season and can handle the subtle weather changes. At your front door too, why not create a welcoming wreath for your guests? Grapevines, corn husks, pine cones and more can be utilised but really, the options are potentially limitless.

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