Save on Your Next Vacation with a Staycation

Holidays can be a huge expense, with some of us saving up for years for our week away. Have you ever arrived at your destination and had the thought, ‘was this really worth it?’ You wouldn’t be alone in that; many people are finding that the costs of their holiday don’t necessarily add up to a perfect, peaceful break. Somewhere between lost luggage, overpriced cocktails and struggling through foreign languages, the fun can go missing. Maximise your budget this year by planning a staycation: a holiday at home.

A staycation can be a great opportunity to explore your hometown. There may be local galleries or museums that you’ve overlooked for years; you may find hidden gems right down the road. Set the week aside to rediscover your local history, or to discover it for the first time. If these sorts of activities don’t appeal, try heading into the great outdoors. If the rain holds out, you’ll find getting outside with the kids and simply playing can be as freeing and relaxing as any overpriced resort. Save money that you’d waste in restaurants on meals by packing your own food; picnics are perfect for a sunny day and cost far less than lunch out for everyone.

If you’ve exhausted the activities in your own town and want to have a staycation that goes slightly beyond your city limits, try exploring other areas of the country rather than going overseas. The UK is rich in diversity and natural beauty; there’s an area of the country to suit every taste. Head to your nearest big city for the day to get your culture fix. You can pack your own sandwiches and veer away from the gift shops if you want to avoid spending money. Just be sure to plan your budget ahead of time and you’ll know what you can afford.

Utilise deals that you may not have known existed: annual passes to heritage sites often beat individual entrance prices, so if your kids are keen on historical castles and palaces, check before you pay. For many popular family destinations, if you book your tickets in advance online you’ll pay far less than you would at the gates on the day. There are also clubs like Days Out UK that, for a small membership fee, offer discounts on to a variety of family outing locations like Cadbury’s World. You can also save by arriving at an unusual time; many tourist hotspots offer discounted prices if you come later in the day, outside of peak time. Always check online for vouchers and offers before you show up and pay full price. You may find you have as much fun exploring what the UK has to offer in history and culture as you would going abroad.

Sometimes, the best times are to be had at home. This is the ideal option for someone low on money, and needing to take out short term credit to get by. If it’s rainy and grey, make your house your own personal paradise. Sleep in late, have a big breakfast in bed, make a spa sanctuary in your bathroom with candles and scented bath oils. If you have kids, don’t let them spend their staycation catatonic in front of the television. Plan activities that will keep you all entertained without breaking the bank. Arts and crafts projects can amuse for hours, as can baking, impromptu water balloon fights in the garden or family board game sessions. Do your kids love to get outdoors and go camping? Set up a tent in the back garden and have your own at home camping trip, you can even roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. If they’re more the indoor type, organise a movie marathon of your kids’ favourites, complete with dimmed lights and popcorn. Anything you can do to make the week feel more special than ordinary will be appreciated; no extortionate airfare and hotel costs required.

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  1. I love stay cation, sometimes, traveling can be very taxing and physically stressful after 5 days. learned my lesson to not take more than 1 week vacation out of town if possible, but stay cation? Ah, wish it can go forever!