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As a working mom, I never got away with fashion emergencies. Occasionally, I had to attend company dinner and dance parties and/or appreciation nights.

Here's a sample of my self-styled smart casual get up. I wore it during appreciation night at Fairmont Hotel. I must admit, I am not very fashionable. I always go for safer options when it comes to dressing up. Who would go wrong with a red and black combination?

I confess, I always shop last minute for fashion emergencies and I find it a bit stressful to come up with a smart casual look when pressed with time. To prevent similar fashion dilemma in the future, I said yes to omy.sg's invitation for the New Look's fashion preview and workshop. New styling tips will definitely come in handy when the need arises.

First things first, let me introduce you... 

New Look's Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

BABOUSHKA - it's all about rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and decadent prints that give Folkish Flair and Rustic Russian Charm. 

1) Red Woven Ikat Print T-shirt Dress 
2) Burgundy Stone Chandelier Earrings 
3) Wide Fit Suedette Button Shoe Boots
4) 5 Pack Gold Antique Baboushka Friendship Bracelets

Numbers 1, 2 and 4 are my personal pick from the Baboushka Collection. Would love to pair the chic dress with the button shoe boots of my choice (number 3)  and probably a black purse with embellished stones similar to my choice of earrings to add a touch glamour. If I wish to go for a smart casual look, all I need is to add a black blazer.

NEW MODEL ARMY - it is essentially a collection of WARDROBE VIPS reworked with indulgent textures, luxe fabrics and injected with a burst of colour or print. It projects a casual off duty style, with a premium edge.

1) Red Animal Print Cap Sleeve Mini Dress
2) Only Black Leather-Look Stripe Mini Skirt
3) Green Animal Print Cami
4) Black Patent Pointed Court Shoes

I love anything with animal prints. In fact, I was caught in a camera wearing a leopard print maxi dress checking my baby bump when I was pregnant with my second child. Now that I got my pre-pregnant figure, I suppose I could experiment on a mini animal print dress (number 1) and pair it with that luscious pointed court shoes (number 4). Again, a black blazer, a stylish purse and accessories will give my look a premium edge. 

GRUNGE - this collection contrasts tough and rough with pretty, ultra-feminine highlights to capture the true spirit of the 90's grunge.

1) Black Rip Skinny Jeans
2) Gold and Silver Multi-chain Cross Necklace
3) White Los Angeles Wings Tank Top
4) Iron Fist Pink Grave Dancer Brothel Creepers

Grunge ain't my style but if and when I need to achieve a cool, devil-may-care look, I would go with my choice of skinny jeans (number 1) and pair it with the white LA wings tank top. To add a feminine touch, I would go for the pink grave dancer shoes (number 4) and polish the look with the multi-chain necklace (number 2). 

There's a lot more fashion inspirations from the three themes, you can find them here. Do check out New Look stores near you, they have new styles coming in every week so you will never be out-fashioned (if there is such a word). For latest promotions, click www.newlookpromo.sg.

Have you been to the newly revamped Suntec City lately? No? Fret not coz I'm gonna give you a sneak peek of the New Look outlet there! Happy browsing! Keep your eyes wide open (don't you dare blink) to make sure you don't miss a single fashionable thing! Haha!

I am lusting on the red blazer (1st photo), the light orange tank top (2nd photo), the "attitude" tee (3rd photo), the cream lace dress (4th photo) and the evening dresses (last photo) which are perfect for dinner and dance.

And here's more of my personal picks. The red blazer and animal print tee is perfect for a smart casual attire when paired with black skinny jeans. The ripped jeans and shirt combination are perfect when I am out and about with the kids.

You can also find a shoe heaven (there's a plethora of fabulous shoes to choose from!) at New Look but this red one caught my attention. It's a killer don't you think? Sometimes, (or should I say oftentimes?) it is the shoes, bag and accessories that makes your look stand out. You will never run out of statement pieces at New Look. Too bad I wasn't able to get a decent shot of their accessories and bags.

Thanks to the fabulous New Look ladies, the winning team during the workshop, Janet of omy.sg and the rest of the gorgeous fashion bloggers (sorry guys, I don't have a decent group photo), I learned new styling tips that I can use in my next fashion emergency. :D

Oh wait! I have a great news for all of you! Simply quote "omy bloggers" at New Look stores (you can find the complete list here) and receive a 10% discount on regular priced items from now until 30th September 2013. What are you waiting for? Visit a New Look store near you ASAP before the promotion ends!!! Like their FB Page for latest updates, yeah? 

Happy shopping! 

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  1. Grunge it is for me!!! do they have plus sizes hahaha, it is only my face which is small but the rest of me well except my bust is huge wehehehe, I love the blue dresses on display!!!!

    and you my dear look fabulous in "RED" :d

    ...LOVE the animal prints as well....I'd love one with a zebra design...the miniskirt above looks great! everything here actually :)