Staycations: Ideal for Growing Families

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The idea of flying abroad with a new baby, or toddler fills most parents with dread. Sacrificing a holiday because of a new addition however, can seem unfair, especially if you have older children who look forward to a getaway as a family. Unusual surroundings, language differences and temperature changes are not very relaxing with very young children, so instead, why not switch a holiday overseas for a getaway in the UK that is likely to be less stressful for all involved.

Holiday parks are ideal for families looking to travel with children of different ages. There is something to keep everyone entertained, from the smallest to the tallest, and you can rest assured that everything you need will be provided by the resort. Highchairs, cots, a shop that stocks nappies, and even somewhere to warm bottles will all be easily available at a holiday park. Right now you can win a UK break with Cushelle and Butlins by going online to enter the code on promotional packs of toilet paper.

Camping might not be the best option for the very young, but holiday homes and caravans provide a good alternative on a budget. Most campsites now have electricity ports, shower areas, toilets and running water. Once you have your portable home rigged up to the mains you can have all the comforts of home away from home. If older kids don’t fancy being woken at night feeding times you can always pitch them in a tent adjoining the caravan.

Holidaying in the UK is a great option for families with recent additions. Whether you chose to stay on a holiday park, in a hotel, or on a campsite, you can still have a great holiday as a family by ensuring you have everything you need, and also that the place you are staying is aware that you will be travelling with an infant. This allows them to make the appropriate arrangements for your visit and make your stay enjoyable.

Having children shouldn’t mean having to cancel plans and miss out on things you can enjoy as a family. By making some alterations to your plans you can still have a fab holiday with much less stress.


  1. i am always inspired to see family doing leisure together outside, and i love staycation too

  2. Staycation it is for me too. More fun and practical. Transition is always hard for OCD like me. wink*