The Benefits of Clamshell Packaging

One of my favourite past times is window shopping, I love wandering around shops and having a look at what's on display, I may even go for a couple of impulse buys. It is fairly easy to see what is on display most of the time, especially since clamshell packaging has become more prevalent in the packaging and display world. I'm not the only one who prefers it, manufacturers and retailers do too and here are some reasons why...

Sitting Pretty

There are quite a few reasons for the general shift towards clamshell packaging. Now, it may sound a little weird to some of you but I love it when a shop displays things properly or at the very least helpfully. I'm of average height (5'5 is not short despite what my family tells me) so it can get a little embarrassing having to jump to look for any boxes stacked at the back of the top shelf. You might be wondering why I bring this up, well, blister and clamshell packaging can be cast with holes in, so the product can hang on a hook rather than be layered on a shelf somewhere high up. This means you just have to slide it along and pull it off, no awkward little jumps and nudges as you try to get the package to the edge of the shelf. Quite a few also come with sturdy bottoms which means that while they can be hung they can be stored on a shelf too, handy for storage out in the back.

Fresh as a Daisy

Clamshell packaging benefits are being utilized by more than just the electronics industry, its tamper proof sealing is great for the food industry too. Not only is food going to be fresher if its vacuum sealed, it's going to be a darn sight tastier as well. Clamshell packaging acts like its namesake, a clam shell, it doesn't just seal off your food, its protecting it too – great news for people like me that lover all sorts of soft berries. I can now enjoy strawberries and blackberries that haven't been reduced to mush by the weight of their brethren.

Safe as Houses? Safe as Clamshell Packaging

The last major benefit of clamshell packaging concerns the issue of security. Blister packing has been the preferred method of packaging in a number of industries for a while now. One of the issues that companies have when using blister packaging is that it can be awkward for the consumer to get in to, if they don't know the tin opener trick that is, and It's not unusual for people to not know about opening blister packs with a tin opener. This same problem can also work in their favour as clamshell packaging can not only have a security tag sealed inside with the product but the sealed plastic makes it a lot harder for any would be thieves to remove the item from the packaging or shop.

This same sealing process means that the product is safe from any type of tampering too.

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