Different Types of Bathroom Tap

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Nothing completes a bathroom quite like the bathroom tap does. An outstanding bathroom tap can be the talk of the town and speak quality about the finish of a house, while a lousy bathroom tap can ruin the d├ęcor. Make sure when you're planning your build or home renovation that you take into consideration the various types of taps available so that you get a tap that works best for your budget, personality, and home. You'll always be glad you took the extra time to fully research and understand the various taps available on the market today. There are two different distinctions when it comes to taps, basin mixers and freestanding taps. Read on to determine which one is perfect for your needs.

Basin Mixer Taps Are Popular

Basin mixers are the traditional type of tap you will probably be used to, and probably the most common tap that comes to mind when you think of a bathroom tap. This type of tap is becoming more and more fashionable as the elements of design are reimagined. Basin mixers can either have separate hot and cold faucets, or a mono faucet that determines the temperature on a gradient. You can have a very vintage look with these taps, or choose to go modern as well - there is so much variation that there is more or less a choice for every preference. If you're looking for a simple, in counter sink with a flashy finish, a basin mixer tap could be a great bet. These taps are particularly good for places like the hall bathroom or a place with considerably more high traffic.

You Could Try A Freestanding Tap

Freestanding taps are slightly different than basin mixers because freestanding taps actually stand apart from the bath or sink. That is to say, they are not housed within the counter top. Think of an old time bear clawed bathtub - the tap that you're imagining in conjunction with that is likely a freestanding tap. If you have a little bit of extra room to play with in your space and want something truly unique, these freestanding taps are a nice touch. They are a very chic way to accessorize a bathroom and speak of elegance while at the same time being a throw back of sorts to a bygone era. These taps seem to fare well in master bedroom suites or cute guest bathrooms, although they can be used throughout the home to add accent or a special touch. Whatever type of tap you choose to go with, there are so many different designs on the market these days that you shouldn't have a problem finding a tap that produces the type of vibe you want to create in your home. Though it may seem trivial, the right tap actually makes a big difference in the feel of the home. The beauty in most places is in the details, so make sure your details say the right things about who you are.

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  1. Oh what a lovely bathroom, glad to see double sink since we are thinking of changing our master's bedroom bathroom sink to double sink so we dont have to use 2 bathrooms in the morning.