Tips for Improving the Amount of Testosterone In the Body

Whether your a younger or older man you may need more testosterone to feel better. It helps develop more muscle mass, gives you higher energy levels, helps with low libido, depression, and low energy levels. Let's say these day you go to work several hours then come home and only want to relax in front of the TV and eat dinner. Your wife and family are disappointed because they want to go out some nights but your too tired. You even stopped working out at the gym.

Another scenario is that you are a younger man looking to meet women. When you go out your friends always score while you sit on the sidelines. You want to change the pattern of always going home alone or never getting the girl. That is why a supplement like TeshRush  from VH Nutrtion can help you feel better.

This supplement is natural and can be taken before meals or exercise. When you combine this with some healthy living changes it works well. It is recommended that you take 2 to 4 capsules with 8 oz of water before a meal or breakfast. Natural testosterone boosters improve the testosterone in the body and can help soften andropause which can be tough for men. Especially men who are not aware that this process happens to their body. Below are a few ways to help you deal with andropause and improve your testosterone levels.

Get on an Exercise Program

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Staring an exercise program whether it is working out at the gym, walking, riding a bike, swimming or tennis will help you trim the fat. Getting a good diet with lean protein, fruits and vegetables, good carbohydrates, and whole grains is another way to improve testosterone levels.

Perform exercises that increase your muscles because this is connected to increased testosterone. Exercises like squats, dead lifts, rows, bench presses, chin ups, and lunges build muscle and raise testosterone. It also tones and make your body lean.

Sleep More

Get seven to eight hours of sleep if you can and rest or nap when you are tired. A good nights sleep does improve your testosterone levels. Make sure you get enough healthy fats in your diet from vegetarian sources like olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, and lean animal meats. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink especially beer which affects your waistline too.

Reduce Exposure to Estrogen

Another interesting point is to reduce your exposure to environmental estrogen. You might say what does that mean? It a chemical that imitates estrogen in the body and when men are exposed it lowers the testosterone. You are exposed to these chemicals when using toothpaste, on plastic product, and when eating food. Eating as much organic produce as possible helps you eliminate the problem.

Get More Protein

Start the day with high protein and low carbohydrate meals like eggs and steak. You can also eat some green vegetables avocados and nuts. This type of food will increase your energy for workouts or exercise. Eat carbohydrates in moderation and keep them low in your diet.

Eating plenty of vegetables removes estrogen from your body. It also provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eating vegetables in salads, as side dishes increases your use of them. Keep workouts to 45 minutes of intense exercise. This seems to be the right amount for increasing testosterone in the body not lowering it.

Don't forget along with these tips to try TeshRush Testorone Booster from vhNutrtion. With this supplement along with diet and exercise you will be more energetic and on your way to a leaner body.

This post is written for James McKay from Amarillo, TX who is a homeopathic doctor who deals primarily with hormone replacement therapy.

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