What should you do when you feel uninspired to blog?

So the writer’s block hit me again big time. I have so much to share yet I couldn't bring myself to write about it just because y’know… common blogger’s dilemma. They say when you can’t force yourself to write, the best thing to do is to write about it, and that’s what I’m actually doing now. I must admit, it’s pretty effective. See? The writing just flows without exerting too much effort.

I still have our One Day Legoland Tour to blog about plus the fashion preview I attended last Saturday (on top on my gazillion backlogs) but all those can wait until I find the inspiration to do so. On a second thought, I do have a deadline to beat for that fashion preview so here I am trying to find the inspiration to write and bring my blogging mojo back.

Let me start on a positive note to perk things up. I had a really fabulous Monday to kick-start the week. The industrial worker’s supervisor who was so ill-mannered grumpy the other Monday was surprisingly very nice yesterday and even said thank you before leaving the clinic premises. I guessed he was just too tired last time. I am now learning to give excuse to other people who behave the way they do, so that I won't feel so bad for being treated like you-know-what

I also managed to squeeze in some quality time with the little rabbit at my workplace after his visit from the Paediatrician. I felt a little bad that I wasn't able to hold his hands while he got his Hep A vaccine but when the hubby told me he didn't cry at all, I breathe a sigh of great relief. Also, the paediatrician told the hubby that our little rabbit is growing above average in all aspects (except for potty training and talking in sentences, he’s still working on it.) 

As if Monday perks ain't enough, about an hour after dinner I had a really great badminton game with the big rabbit and the hubby. I usually grumble how I don't sweat enough but this time around, I was the one who surrendered from sweating and errr, panting too much. I told the hubby I felt energize and I'm ready to conquer the rest of the week. He joked to me and said, energize huh?! Let's see who will fall asleep in a few minutes. Haha!

There you go! Who would have thought I could come up with a 451 words blog entry when I feel so uninspired to write? Please excuse me now, I'm off to draft a "fashionable" blog post. Thank you for reading my blah-berrings. :D


  1. I am in the same dilemma too Che. I am more lazy tbough suffering from lazyitis :) awww, you really have an energized Monday, may beautiful days like this keep flowing.

  2. pssssttt would love to play badminton with you, it will help a lot burn my unsightly fats hahaha...congrats on breaking the writer's block :) sigh, you are definitely angelic, :)