Family Journal: Why Do Kids Grow Too Fast?

This photo was taken February of last year while we were at Harris Waterfront Resort for a quick weekend getaway. It is one of my favourite portraits of my kids. I love it so much that I actually used it as my iphone's home screen and lock screen. I think I will never grow tired from staring at it even though it never fails to make me feel sappy (confession: I just discovered recently what a sappy means. LOL).

It makes me feel sad because...

As of this writing, the big rabbit is now dealing with puberty stage while the little rabbit is now acting and behaving like a real big boy. Why do kids grow way too fast? And why do time passes by like a lightning flash? I want my babies to be babies forever. I want to munch on their cheeks and bite on their thighs without them pushing my face away... I want to shower them kisses them like there's no tomorrow... and I want to hug them soooooo tight them like it's the end of the world .

It makes me feel happy because...

I have the sweetest, bubbliest, healthiest and most beautiful kids in the whole universe (ok, please excuse me patronizing my kids but all moms think the same of their kids). They love me to pieces and I am their most favourite person in the whole world. There were moments when I look at them playing together happily and I began to shed indescribable tears of happiness. I am just so grateful that God entrusted me this two wonderful kids in my care in spite of being deeply flawed as a mother.

My only wish is for all of us to live a long, long life here on earth altogether in all life's simplicity and blissfulness. I don't care about bars of gold, luxury goods, or any other material wealth anymore. My kids are MY LIFE, MY WORLD, MY EVERYTHING. I will do everything to keep them safe, healthy and happy. I will do my best to make them feel loved at all times.


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  1. agree! K and G are super duper Adorable! Francis attended a photojournalism 3 day live- in seminar... he has the DSLR and Officially grown up! whew! time really flies fast!