5 Amazing Holiday Destinations for the Entire Family

Traveling is one of those things you can do to get together and spend quality time with your family. The kids get maximum fun and you get to jettison daily squabbles, relieve your stress, and get your bearings. Taking your family out to a vacation or even a short holiday away from home is an incredibly rewarding gift you can give for yourself and for your family.

Traveling with your family isn’t the same as traveling solo or even in a group. It takes preparation and knowledge. You can’t bore the kids. While kids do get something to do, you can’t spend time watching over them all the time. There has to be balance. Finding holiday destinations with a bit of everything for everyone isn’t easy, apparently.

Yet, if you are looking to hop right now, here are some amazing holiday destinations you can consider to jet set with your family:

Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands gives you a mix of a tropical paradise, culture, and the exotic feel of being in the middle of nowhere (yet it isn’t nowhere). It allows you to relax and rejuvenate with your spouse while the kids get to experience the tropics, the idyllic island life, rush through the coconut mangroves, and destroy the tranquility of the beach temporarily, without restrictions.

A few resorts such as the Fiji Island resort and many others also have a dedicated full-time nanny to entertain, pamper, and take care of the kids while you go to the waters carefree. Lounge on the beach, play with the kids, indulge yourself with spa treatments, immerse in the culture, taste the local cuisine, and engage with the locals.

New Zealand: Let the kids know how beautiful earth really is

New Zealand can be the perfect getaway spot for your entire family. Further, you can get as creative as you want. For one, your family will not get enough of the variety of wildlife here – out in the wild, animal parks, and zoos. You’ll get a chance to see the iconic white kiwi, play with king penguins or swim (or at least witness) the dolphins in full view. New Zealand’s well-preserved natural beauty is sure to leave an indelible mark for your family. The wild hiking trails, the gushing geysers, the geothermal landscapes, hot sprints, and stunning coastlines are picture-perfect – just what your family needs for a relaxing holiday.

Make use of the endless walking and cycling tracks, amber on the sandy beaches, spend time in the museums, and immerse yourself into the Mauri culture while getting insights into the history of the land.

If you and your family are looking for thrills, New Zealand won’t disappoint: choose from all sorts of adventure activities including slopes of skiing in winter, river cruising on a jet-boat, bungee jumping, or go canyon swinging.

Cairo, Egypt

Would you give away anything in the world to see one of the standing wonders of the world, witness the quaint life of the modern Egyptians, and traveling to gain tons of history lessons or supernatural stories to entertain your family in one shot?

Cairo has it all for you. Take a camel ride, shop across the quaint little shops for things you don’t get anywhere, practice your negotiating skills while looking for bargain items, and of course, visit the Pyramids. The cacophony in Cairo will surely keep your kids for a while, make you all wonder about how magnificent structures like the pyramids came into existence – including questioning if ancient Egyptians built it or was it an alien project?

Make yourself feel like you were in a treasure hunting game while trying to navigate ancient tunnels within the pyramids to go looking for Pharaoh’s treasures. All of this is apart from the lazy, sunset trips to the dunes and a taste of Cairo’s delectable cuisine.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Near to U.S and Canada, located in the heart of Mayan Riviera, Playa Del Carmen already made it to the Traveller’s Choice 2013 winning list. Once a quiet fishing village, it’s now one of the best holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world. Blue waters, sandy beaches, and an endless list of water sports to choose from, the beaches beckon your family. Talk about kid-themed parks, and plenty of family-oriented hotels to choose from.

For adults, the nightlife isn’t like it’s in the Cancun but there are many dance clubs, discos, beach fire shows, or maybe just a quiet bar by the beach for couples to talk or for families to have fun. If you have an ear for the exotic and local music scene, Playa Del Carmen has an ever-growing underground music scene featuring local artists playing up rock, pop, and folk music.

Lapland, Finland

Can you do more than just celebrate Christmas with your family? Yes, you can. Take them to Lapland, Finland. It extends hundreds of kilometers above the artic circle and is the best representation of classic Finland. Go trekking with your family, float on the Lake and Snow daily cruises which take you to Ukko Island, and then head to the cave formations at the northern end of the Island.

That’s not the best part yet: Visit Santapark with your kids and Christmas each year will forever be a different experience for them. SantaPark is a Christmas-themed amusement park featuring an army of elves baking gingerbread, the magic-sleigh ride, the gallery of ice sculptures, the theatres, an ice-bar, a restaurant, and behold: Santa Claus.

Lapland is a must visit destination for your family, according to the Lonely Planet and it’s the best representation of the “snow, reindeer, sleigh rides, Santa Claus and the whole Bauble-filled Shebang”.

Save up cash, decide where you want to go and take your family along with you, fire up your browser and do your preliminary checks for visas and other documentation. Do your due diligence to work the best deals for air travel (check prices on sites like Expedia, Orbitz, or Flight Network and you’ll probably give your family the best times of their lives.

Have you traveled to any of these places before? If yes, how was the experience like for you and your family? What other holiday destinations do you suggest for family vacations? We’d love to hear your comments.

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