Are You a Hungry Traveller? The French Restaurants You Must Visit

Bonjour! Paris is a veritable paradise of splendour, beauty and chic desserts, tantalising the tastebuds of food and fashion connoisseurs worldwide. Nicknamed the City of Light, there are so many sparkling scenes and impressive feats to be bedazzled by; indeed, a week in Paris will flash by too fast and you’ll wonder what you did with yourself, as you’ve barely begun to even go beyond the surface of this historic city. Whilst in Paris, it is imperative you indulge your senses in the aromatics and delights of true Parisian cuisine, from the classiques to the creamy fillings of street side petits fours. No idea of where to go for your next gastronomic adventure? Let us wind our way through your choices, a steady progression of textures and talented recipes, punctuated by modern drama.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

A little bit shabby, every bit chic, owner Bertrand Auboyneau has formulated a winning combination – comfortable atmospheres and elegant flourishes, jovial details and distressed furniture, and the food, oh finally the food. The Saturday lunches continue to impress critics as the Bistrot serves up comfortable meals, topped off by an unforgettable flavour kick; this isn’t a nine step degustation menu, but a hardy serving of rich food and copious wine, ranging from menu stalwarts like crispy frites, sole meuniere and rare fillet steak, to seasonal pickings and fresh spins on old favourites.


Have you ever imagined yourself dining in a white-table cloth establishment, surrounded by black burnished wood carvings, stately mirrors and delicate antiques in the heart of Paris, as onlookers gaze at your steaming dish with something akin to envy and hungry adoration? Benoit has been tantalising guests since 1912, offering a range of staples, experiments and speciality dishes certain to transform even the most unsophisticated palate into an appreciative and committed fan. Benoit exudes class, elegance and a quiet demand for attention, lavishing culinary love on its guests from entrée to dessert.

Josephine Chez Dumonet

Are you a fan of the old world embellishments and smoky, sedated atmospheres of period saloons? Though it lacks the musty gloom of a European speak easy, Josephine Chez Dumonet represents an expert balance between innovation and respect, fusing tried and tested dishes with decadent accents and delicious coffee. The beef bourguigonne is beyond magnificent, perfectly complemented by a full bodied glass of red, corked and delivered from the expert wine regions of Bordeaux. The plates are rich and heavy, rolling around in unprepared stomachs – if large, rich meals don’t nominally agree with you, order a half serving until you can completely appreciate the nuances of Chez Dumonet.

Le Voltaire

You guesses it, Le Voltaire has been rocking the mouths of visitors and locals since the time of the great philosopher, embodying the height of cool and elegance in one discreet hit. Behind the velvet floor to ceiling curtain obscuring this cosy, seductive nook from the Seine, is a sensuous, scintillating meal waiting to be savoured. One does not simply dine at Le Voltaire, it is an experience, a lesson in bistro intimacy as fashion week staples frequent within its walls, under a veneer of exclusivity. Tempted by decadence? Open your Travel Money Oz account and sample the lobster omelette!

Have we missed your favourite place to grab a bite to eat in Paris? Let us know in the comments!

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