Behind the Scene: DIY Christmas Photo Shoot

As promised, here are the behind the scene photos captured during our DIY Christmas photo shoot two years ago. The last one is a capture from the camera on a tripod, set in burst mode. When taking family portraits, we rely on tripod and burst mode because whenever we ask my mom or my aunt to take the photo for us, it always turns out blurred.

That's me playing as director of the shoot. Haha! I instructed the family to dress in red and I took out the Christmas accessories I collected through the years.

The cutie pattootie is trying to pull dada santa's beard! LOL

I can't remember why I was laughing so hard. Hehehe


  1. hehehe, the 2nd pic is hilarious :) and the third pic, you and K seems to be onto something really funny!!!!

  2. Hahaha, I totally love them all!!!♥♥♥