Birthday Wish: Travel and Eat Like a Queen in Australia


Do you remember the above photo which I blogged about a few months back? In the photo were yours truly, my mom, and my cousin's family who at that time were on Asian Tour. They came all the way from Australia and I was so happy to have met them here in Singapore. We toured them at the Merlion Park before bringing them to see The Esplanade. My cousin and his wife were all praises about Singapore. They said we were blessed to be living in the "litlle red dot".

Catching up with a relative whom you have not seen for ages is really precious. To spend more time with them, I brought them to have a taste of the well-known Singaporean dish called Chilli Crab at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. My daughter had a grand time bonding with her cousins whom she met for the first time while my cousin and I started reminiscing the good old days of our primary school life and of course, we also talked about our present lives whilst having seafood feast.

At the end of our meal, my cousin offered to share the bill but I declined. "Don't worry, you are going to treat us when we visit you in Australia anyway", I told him to which his eyes lit up. "Oh yes, please do visit us when you have the chance to. I will do my best to free myself from work and tour you around", he replied enthusiastically. "Oh, that will be awesome! Australia is actually on top of our next travel destination list", was my reply.

Fast forward:

"So, when are you visiting us here in Australia?", my cousin messaged me on Facebook a few days ago.

Ahhhhhh, I wish I could fly to Australia this month! It would be a bonus if I could travel there on my birth day itself which is on the 29th. There is no other fun way to celebrate my birthday than travelling and pigging out in my one dream travel destination which is Sydney, Australia. I can picture myself marvelling at the stunning beauty of Sydney Opera and after making my eyes and ears full from all the sights and sounds of the capital city of Australia, I will search to find out where to have the best of Australian cuisine.

I learned from my cousin that food delivery in Sydney is quite convenient and popular. I figured out, I can eat like a queen in my hotel bed should I opt to get my food delivered instead of eating out in a restaurant. How does eating like a queen sound for an epicurean like me? Oh come on, get me that air ticket to Sydney already! All I want for my birthday is to travel like a bona fide wanderlust and eat like a professional foodie.

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  1. Dreaming the same thing with you twinzypotsy!!!! ♡