Blog Anniversary Giveaway

(You are allowed to skip this and scroll down to read about the giveaway and giveaway mechanics right away.)

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of Sweet Memoirs. Before giving you the details of my giveaway, let me give you a brief history about my blog. Sweet Memoirs is a product of hubby's overwhelming support in my life as a blogger. In October 2010, I decided to buy my own domain but I couldn't think of any nice domain name. October is my wedding anniversary and birthday month too so the hubby thought Sweet Memoirs would be perfect to sum up all the sweetest happenings in my life.

From my Simply Cherrific photo blog under blogspot, Sweet Memoirs was born to make a difference in the blogosphere. There were many points in my life where I almost gave up blogging entirely due to lack of time but I decided to carry on blogging for a purpose since my blog started earning. A dear friend introduced me to writing paid posts so I thought, I could realize my dream of doing good deeds using my blog income. I then stopped photo-blogging and started filling Sweet Memoirs with good content.

That's how Sweet Memoirs has evolved into a family, lifestyle and purpose driven blog. 


It is every blogger's dream to have a blog makeover, more so if it's done by an artist and digital designer. Few months ago, I decided to engage Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio to give Sweet Memoirs a new look. It might have cost me a bit, but it's worth every single dollar I spent. Patricia is a very talented artist and designer to begin with. She doesn't just follow instructions, she also share her better ideas and gives suggestions to the advantage of the blogger.

That's how Sweet Memoirs new blog design was created. Never in my wildest guessing game that after my blog makeover, my blog income is meant to be doubled or tripled. I felt so blessed that I wasted no time to realize my dream of having my own blog scholar. Yes, my blog sends an underprivileged child to school. Instead of feeling so proud, I felt humbled. It's really a humbling experience to be able to share and give back.

Speaking of giving back, I decided to giveaway a blog design makeover voucher worth S$200 to one lucky blogger. I am feeling generous because like I mentioned earlier, October for me is a month of triple celebrations. There is so much to be thankful about: my treasured blog readers, overflowing happine$$ and joyful happenings here at Sweet Memoirs, my happy and healthy family, and most of all, my blessed life.

The reason why I chose to give back to fellow bloggers is because I wear the same shoes as theirs. Many bloggers might be dreaming of having a blog makeover but are not ready yet to splurge their blog income. If you happen to be one of those bloggers, now is your chance to have a blog revamp for FREE! Who says there is no such thing as free in this world?


  • mobile-responsive wordpress blog theme with social media icons or a basic blogger theme with custom navbar, social media icons and badge
  • post title icons
  • sidebar title graphics
  • sidebar embellishment

You can view Patricia's wordpress blog themes portfolio here and blogger blog design here. If you win the giveaway, you will be given a blog design questionnaire to input your dream blog design.


To increase your chance of winning the giveaway, you may opt to:
  • Blog about your dream blog makeover and link it to It will entitle you to additional ten (10) entries after you send me the link to your post. 
  • Exchange badge or link with me (to be posted on the blog sidebar). It will entitle you to additional five (5) entries after I see my badge or link on your sidebar.
  • Tweet this blog entry along with this line"I want to win @SweetMemoirs blog design makeover giveaway worth S$200!". It will entitle you additional two (2) entries.
  • Repost my blog anniversary giveaway instagram post and tag me. It will entitle you additional two (2) entries.
  • Share this post in your Facebook page/timeline. It will entitle you additional two (2) entries.
Winner will be drawn in a traditional way just for fun. I will be writing your blog title in a piece of paper (1 piece of paper per entry) and put them on a jar. More entries = higher chance of winning! Winner will be drawn and announced on the 31st of October 2013. I may extend the giveaway period in case I haven't reach my quota of 20 participants by the end of the month. I will keep you posted, ok? Please feel free to ask a question if there's anything not stated clearly about the giveaway and giveaway mechanics. 


I am excluding my blogging besties Beth and Zen in this giveaway. I pondered on letting them join but if any of them happen to emerge as a winner, no matter how fair I played it will still appear as bias. Sorry guys, please do know that I love you both. PEACE! :D


  1. Wow! this great, sis Che! Happy 3rd anniversary to your blog. Blog makeover is one of many blogger's dream for their blog. Whoever wins, congrats in advance!

  2. WOW! I also celebrates the same Anniversary on my blog. Cheers! and of the best thing that i would like to do right now is to make a grand makeover on it, but since I don't have yet the luxury of time to sit on it, I might as well wait for the free time to do it. I think this giveaway is right on time...

  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary to your blog! And for those who will join this giveaway, best of luck! And oh, keep blogging! :D

  4. I love how Pat designed your blog! I also want a blog makeover by her. Happy blog anniversary! I am also a founding member of Mom Bloggers for social good. :-) I'm Cym Marzan and my blog is Cymplified

  5. Happy 3rd anniversary! Followed and liked.

    Liza Cochico
    Fashion Momma

  6. Wowowow, yopur such a generous soul. Fabulous prize and I will come back to enter.

  7. Happy anniversary ng blog mo. Antaas na ng nrating ni sweetmemoirs. Three years old na. Cheers!

  8. I will definitely join this giveaway. I've been sending inquiries to patricia about blog design but I didn't get any response. probably she didn't get my message. Anyway here's for my entry:

    Followed at IG as @Mar_yannie, twitter as @CallMeYannnie
    liked your facebook page (a long time ago) and


    1. thanks, yannie! you earned 3 entries so far. goodluck! :)

    2. Here's my blog entry sis and reposted in my Instagram.

  9. This is a grand giveaway! I say best of luck to all joiners!

  10. Hahahaha just as I thought. Love you twinzy!!!!♥♥♥ happy annivessary!!!!!

  11. That's great and sound you're fair for everyone to exclude your buddies.I check the design and all are beautiful.

  12. Happy Anniversary! That’s such a sweet giveaway. I like her colorful and creative designs.

  13. Happy 3rd Anniversary to your prettified blog! :) I'm one of the loyal clients of Patricia and would love to win this giveaway since I just migrated to Wordpress (not yet live and still on maintenance mode) and need a blog theme when I go live on my new blog home.

    By the way, how do I follow your blog? Can't find an email catcher for subscription. I would love to make your posts one of my daily reads :)

    Erlaine Gool of Glamma Momma

  14. Happy Blogsary Sis... I should make time to join your giveaway, need makeover much, thank you :)

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary. This is a great prize.

  16. wow! great giveaway. Sweet mo na manan. Simple lang ang layout ng blog mo and madaling mag-navigate.

  17. Happy Blog Anniversary, this is great, another way to have the lucky winner customized his/her own blog design. something that a winner can call its own design.

  18. Happy blog anniversary to SM! :) ♥

    And good luck to all who joined this giveaway! ♥

  19. more power to your blog Che, and I so soooooooo love your blog make over, love the designs and everything in here

  20. Happy 3rd anniversary to your blog! ^___^ I love your blog design!!

    Anyway, this is a cool giveaway. I'm joining and I really hope to win.

    I've already liked your page, fanpage, followed in twitter and instagram, tweeted and regramed you (from and shared this post in Facebook. ^__^

    My blog is: Chasing Jayce at

    1. Yaay! Congratulations and happy blog anniversary! I'm joining! Yes, I love your blog's design as well. I'll send this link to a friend who is wanting a makeover too! Thanks!

  21. Happy 3rd Anniversary! It's my first time to come across your blog. Hope to read more of your blog post. :)

    Sally Abella Yu
    The Binondo Mommy

  22. Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! Great new blog design! :) May The Lord continue to bless you with more in your journey of making a difference and helping others with your Blog

    Mommy Tzie (very soon)

  23. Happy 3rd anniversary! Wishing you more happy years of blogging with purpose! I want to know more about Mom Bloggers for social good too. I want to win this blog giveaway -- maagang pamasko!


  24. Hi! (:

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to ur bloggy and i believe there'll be many more years to come as well ^^

    Fif Phan

  25. Hope I am lucky.Here goes my details:-
    Instagram & Twitter ID : Hazelleo

  26. Hoping to win!
    Thess Enriquez

  27. Hi Cherry! I have joined your giveaway! Hoping to win! :)
    Khaye Mydette Macalinao
    Shining Mom:

  28. So I am not black listed here. Can I join? Wink*** Happy Anniversary. So proud of you sis.

  29. follow @sweetmemoirs on instagram – check
    follow @sweetmemoirs on twitter – check
    Like Sweet Memoirs Facebook Page – check

    Hope I followed the mechanics correctly ;)
    Happy 3rd blog anniversary!!!!

    ranne a.k.a Mrs. Martinez
    Memoirs of an Ordinary Girl

  30. I really I hope I win this! I love the designs of Ms.Pat and just know that she can really capture the look I want for my blog!

    Followed you on instagram as @aubreybartolome, twitter as @aupoleiana and liked on FB as well.
    blog entry: