Celebration of Love at The Jewel Box

Side Story:

A week before our actual anniversary date, the husband surprised me with this swoon-worthy cheesecake from Canele. I called it happiness in a box!

He also bought me these pretty blooms two weeks ago as an advance anniversary flowers. How sweet! He knew I have been looking for a flowering plant to hang outside our flat, but couldn't find one to my liking. It is so true what they say, good things come to those who wait. :)

Main Story:

If you still remember, we celebrated our anniversary last year by attending the 1st Redbull Flugtag in Singapore and a stop over at The Jewel Box in Mount Faber after the event (my first major media coverage as a blogger). This year, we celebrated our anniversary one day in advance because October 28 fell on a working Monday. We attended mass, brought the kids out and we had late lunch/early dinner at Kenny Rogers Restaurant.

Came evening, we left the kids in the care of our househelp and headed to The Jewel Box where we had our wedding dinner 6 years ago.
We took to cable car to Mount Faber. Hubby and I seldom go out without tagging along the kids so the time we spent with just the two of us was pure bliss. No distractions or whatsoever, it does make a lot of difference. It's what you can call quality couple time and we cherished every second of it! We even went to the extent of taking photos while kissing when we were inside the cable car. This is a wholesome blog so just you wish I will post it here. LOL

We had another round of light dinner at Spuds and Aprons (a restaurant that replaced Black Opal). The ambience, food and service were spectacular. We ended up dining al-fresco because the indoor glass encased space they have was reserved for an event that night. It didn't disappoint us as we really enjoyed the cool night breeze outdoors.

When we were about to dig in, my 11 year old girl called over the phone and said;

"Hi mommy, sorry to disturb your date but I just want to let you now that baby brother is crying because he's looking for you. Are you coming home soon?"

Instead of getting annoyed, hubby and I laughed so hard after I hang up. It is so true what they say, it takes a time away from the kids to miss them just as it takes a time spent with the kids to miss going out without them. LOL.

So we left right after the dinner and a quick break at The Jewel Box's iconic restroom. The night view on our way back to the Harbourfront was spectacular. It was a challenge taking a decent photo so I took an instavideo instead.

We had a tripple chocolate cheesecake (from Canele again, another happiness in a box) when we got home. It was oh-so-worth all the calories!

My girl also surprised us with this:

Oh, how happy and blessed we were on our wedding anniversary celebration! God is great, all the time!


  1. May your love continue to grow and may you enjoy many blessings in your life together!


  2. Awww ♥ post the kissing photo pwease!!!! I am such a fan of your one of a kind love tale! ♡

  3. Happy Anniversary. That is so sweet. I love that place too and oh that restroom, that is something else huh. I will have the same bathroom in my mansion when I win the lotto. wink* I can't see some of the photos here for some reason. :(

  4. So cute, God is good all the time indeed! I find K's call and message very endearing.