Childhood Memories

1) Playing bahay-bahayan, luksong tinik, jack 'n poy, pitik bulag, sipa, luksong baka,  trumpo, tik-tak, patintero under the moonlight, chinese garter, hide and seek, rubberbands, jack stone and other traditional Filipino games

2) Riding my elder brother's self-assembled scooter

3) Flying kites made of sticks and plastic bag

4) Spiders in a match box

5) Climbing trees and eating fruits on top of the tree

6) Dirty finger nails and sweaty, smelly armpits, sunkissed sunburned skin

7) Pulling papa's white hair in exchange of 25 peso cents

8) Waking up bathed in my own pee

9) Listening to mama's children's stories

10) Petty fights with my brother Arnel who always threaten me that he will tell all my classmates that I still pee on the bed

11) Collecting pamasko from my ninongs and ninangs during Christmas (embarrassing!)

12) Papa bringing home coke litro and cooking pancit after ferrying commuters with his tricycle to and fro the public market (that's what my papa usually do after teaching in school the whole day to make ends meet)

13) Washing clothes, bathing and having a picnic by the river, catching tadpoles,

14) Watching in a boxed black and white TV, betamax, VHS, movie dates with the family

15) Sleep overs in my cousins' place

16) Sipping the nectars of flowers

17) Using calamansi to style my hair

18) Looking after a neighbour's baby

19) Playing with weeds

20) Trips to Our Lady of Piat with the family and family friends

21) Going to Luneta Park

22) Playing mahjong for fun, particularly push and pull

23) Singing along with a Karaoke

24) Planting corn seeds and piercing freshly harvested tobaco leaves in my cousins' place

25) Puto seko, viva candy, white rabbit

26) Picking guavas, star apples, jackfruits, mangoes, santol, avocado in our own backyard

27) Eating star apple

28) Manual water pump and water clay pot (banga)

29) Climbing on the roof

30) Making homemade buko popsicles and sell them in school

31) Eating left over rice with shrimp paste and vegetable oil or milk powder and sugar

32) Bathing in the rain

33) Scraped knees and elbows

34) Chasing fireflies

35) Papa's bulalo


  1. I share all those memories!!!♥♥

  2. how come I missed this before? you're so bu$y with happine$$ that's why, I can't see some of your posts coz you have too many, hahaha, sooooooooooo happy for you Che, your blog is really so speaking happiness, real happiness!!! anyway, I share those memories too, and I still do some, like eating left over rice with shrimp paste, actually, I do that most of the time, kaya yata tumataba ako, takaw ako sa kanin bago matulog, kumaka-in nang may bago-ong alamang :) haha!!