6 Current Popular Books By Genre

Buying books is a lot of fun, whether it is for educational, business, personal, or for other purposes. The book publishing market moves fast; offering the most up to date and engaging books goes a long towards ensuring that readers will actively engage with the material. Researching the latest well-received and well-praised books involves more than best seller lists and advertising campaigns. Checking out customer reviews on various book related websites is one of the best ways to get an idea of what books are currently popular, and why. The following are a selection of stand out books in the current publishing market:

Educational Reading and Textbooks

The latest popular educational reading material includes both old standards and new offerings. Writing reference books continue to offer high school and college students the pertinent information on proper grammar, research methods, paper formatting, writing styles, punctuation, and citation rules. These writing manuals help students craft written projects for a variety of courses, including humanities, social sciences, science, and more. While the internet is an excellent way for students to access information, classroom book sets of writing manuals help prevent students from relying on incorrect or non-applicable information.

Business Inspiration and Skill Development

This genre is jam packed with both enduring classics and a steady stream of new titles. Entrepreneurs, executive, and employees of all levels continue to turn to these books to develop new skills in client and work place communication, time management, negotiation tactics, enhancing productivity, and all around inspiration. This genre is a popular choice for wholesale lot purchases.

Popular classic literature is still a popular choice for readers, particularly titles that have been adapted into film. Mass production thrillers and romance novels remain the king of fiction, largely due to their availability at supermarkets and drugstores. The fantasy genre has crept up in popularity as well; these books are often series based and have a dedicated following. The fiction market in general is still largely dominated by established big name writers.

Children and Young Adult

Young adults continue to favor books that have been adapted to film. Like adults, teens often favor series based books in this highly competitive market. Popular children’s book titles favor uplifting illustrated stories and light comedies that parents can use to work with children on their reading skills.


Fiction based religious books have steadily increased in popularity, particularly those that cater towards children. Parents often use these books to help their kids learn about their religion in a fun and approachable manner. Adults are also turning to religious based fiction as well, with long lasting religious inspirational and spiritual reflection titles following closely behind.

E-book Titles

Female oriented romance and autobiographical titles account for a solid portion of current e-book sellers, which is somewhat surprising given that recent studies suggest that males hold a slight majority in e-book reader demographics. Popular E-books titles continue to match print publishing trends, with children’s books slowly rising in popularity as well. While parents are still somewhat hesitant to when it comes to promoting e-book reading to their children and teens, the easy reading accessibility offered by smart phones and tablets will likely create a significant boon in e-books that are intended for younger audiences.

Some classic books have been banned from schools, libraries and stores for their controversial content. Check out the infographic below for more information on why:

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