Diamonds and Hollywood: The Perfect Match

Hollywood loves bling – the kind that comes with carats in rings, on chains, you name it. And the 2013 Emmys was the perfect place to show off sparkling diamonds, engagement carats and a selection of gorgeous sparkle.

The Red Carpet

Image by DiarioContraste via flickr

It was pretty impossible not to notice (or even outshine) Carrie Underwood when she stepped onto the red carpet. She was draped in over 152 carats of diamonds at the event of the year. According to some, she wore an $18 million diamond necklace and paired it with matching diamond studs worth in the region of $3.2 million. Her right hand donned a $4 million pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring. Miss Underwood really did give new meaning to “stepping out in style”. I wonder if she owns any certified loose diamonds online.

The theme of this year’s show was the clean simplicity of diamonds as well as coloured gems in platinum. The words “clean” and “simplicity” sound like a bit of a contradiction, but the stars pulled it off. Sofia Vergara showed off a 21 carat Ascher cur diamond ring along with ruby, sapphire Columbian emerald earrings of over 100 carats. Her emerald platinum ring was 40 carats and displayed gorgeous rose cut diamonds.

Did you see Claire Danes? Her 40 carat diamond and emerald bracelet set in platinum is priced in the region of $1 million and her 5 carat diamond stud earrings at $150 000. And then there was her $350 000 platinum ring with emerald-cut diamonds.

Ellen Burstyn received her award wearing a gorgeous diamond chandelier earrings, a diamond bracelet and diamond fringe necklace all set in platinum.

Buying Loose GIA Diamonds

Image by sirtrentalot via flickr

These dazzling actresses look perfect for the evening but did you ever wonder how we can begin to be like our Hollywood idols? Well, isn’t it that great things start from small beginnings? Why not start with the smaller steps, in other words… smaller loose diamonds.

Buying a diamond is a significant investment which is not only financial but emotional too. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you want to buy certified loose diamonds or used loose diamonds:

·                 The main mistake people make when looking at loose diamonds for sale is to be misled on cut quality. The cut is more difficult to define that the clarity or colour so it’s easy to misrepresent. Be wary of being shown a couple of diamonds of differing cut qualities in order to be swayed into buying the “best option”.

·                 Avoid purchasing deeply cut wholesale GIA diamonds. A deeply cut diamond is poorly cut and less expensive per carat. After all, you don’t want to be outshone on your red carpet!

·                 Very few well cut diamonds are carried in traditional jewellery stores making it less the worth to buy certified diamonds. Lesser cut diamonds are simply cheaper to buy, make for less inventory and can be sold at more competitive prices.

·                 Often as a customer, you don’t know if certified loose diamonds are GIA colour graded. Make sure you get to see the actual certificates for the diamonds you fancy.

·                 If you find yourself comparing two different shapes, look out for body colour which shows more readily in some diamond shapes.

·                 The cut quality affects the brightness and colour of the diamond. Don’t take the seller’s word when comparing diamonds, use the GIA cut grade to compare.

·                 A reputable seller will be happy to offer warranties and guarantees with your purchases. When you review the seller’s policies, ask to see the guarantee or warranty in writing before buying. Too many jewels simply don’t offer guarantees in writing which is surprising.

·                 Be sure to confirm what your warranty covers other than the usual inspections and free cleanings. Although a guarantee may at first appear to cover loss, damage or theft, they very often don’t. Don’t assume that the jeweller’s warranty will take the place of insurance. Many agreements don’t cover the cost of any work that may be required as a result of a free inspection. Many guarantees also become void if the diamond is altered, repaired or even cleaned.

·                 Sure, some agreements will offer value but the main purpose of most of them is to insure your loyalty and repeat visits for things like inspections and cleaning.

·                 Make sure you understand your obligations under agreement. Sometimes the cleanings and inspections are not only free but they are necessary in order to keep the warranty in force. Take note of what the seller requires to maintain the warranty.

Hollywood’s love for diamonds means there can be one too many con artists out there and if you want to look good with your beautiful rocks, be sure you know what to look for and you’ll be stepping out in style at your next event!

This is a guest post by JenniferWatson. She knows what goes with what, what looks good and what you need to look good and get by in Hollywood. She manages a number of businesses and helps her mother with the designing of bespoke wedding gowns. Her speciality, though, is precious stones and certified loose diamonds.


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